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Archive for October, 2000

It’s time to kiss your BIOS goodbye!

October 20, 2000

With all the talk about open source operating systems and related software, how often do we hear about open source BIOS? Sure enough, there are a few ongoing projects such as LinuxBIOS. But to date, there has been no truly well supported effort to provide comprehensive technology for system initialization and… (more…)

Article: Device profile: Nokia Media Terminal

October 19, 2000

Product overview

Nokia describes its Media Terminal as a powerful “infotainment center” for the home, which allows consumers to gain the benefits of both Internet access and digital broadcasting. The product leans heavily on open technologies including Linux, Mozilla, and HTML, and is based on an internal “x86” PC-like embedded computer architecture. (more…)

‘Little OS that could’ just might

October 19, 2000

Mary Jo Foley, of ZDNet News, writes . . .

Embedded operating systems are designed to be hidden from users. So if you haven't heard of QNX Software Systems Ltd.'s QNX Neutrino, you're not alone. (more…)

Device profile: Nokia Media Terminal

October 19, 2000

This article by's Rick Lehrbaum provides a profile of the embedded Linux based Nokia Media Terminal, including what it does and what's inside — from both a hardware and software perspective. The article also offers some insight into Nokia's philosophy with respect to open source software. Lehrbaum writes . . . (more…)

Linux-based gateways, servers, wireless access points

October 18, 2000

Lanner Electronics FW-7872Dec. 22, 2008 — This Lanner Electronics “half-rack” network appliance targets network security and acceleration applications, and runs Linux on a Core2Duo or… (more…)

RTLinux gains Matlab, Simulink, and RealTime Workshop support

October 18, 2000

Socorro, NV; Markham, CANADA — (press release excerpt) — FSMLabs and Quanser Inc. announced today that they are joining together to support Quanser's SimulinuxRT (SLX) products on RTLinux. SimulinuxRT brings Mathworks industry standard Matlab, Simulink, and RealTime Workshop products to RTLinux with exceptional performance. (more…)

IP provides high speed parallel port control engine

October 18, 2000

Carmichael, CA — (press release excerpt) — addressing the need in Embedded Linux systems for a high speed and low power digital interface, Trans Digital Corporation has announced availability of its Transfer Engine IP Core. The core can easily be integrated into SoCs based on popular ARM, MIPS, and other 8/16/32-bit RISC processors. (more…)

SuSE gets highest score in FHS compatibility test

October 18, 2000

(press release) — SuSE Linux 7.0 passed 233 of the 243 tests in the Linux Standards Board's Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (LSB-FHS2.1-1) test. SuSE's Distribution surpassed Red Hat in compliance by 10 tests, Caldera by 29, Mandrake by 33, and TurboLinux by 14, making SuSE Linux 7.0 the most standards-compliant Linux distribution tested. (more…)

North Carolina State Univ standardizes on open source software

October 18, 2000

Research Triangle Park, NC (press release excerpt) — Red Hat today announced an initiative with North Carolina State University, to standardize their College of Engineering academic computing environment (Eos) on open source technologies. The initial deployment will feature Red Hat Linux on Dell Optiplex hardware and will expose thousands of College of Engineering students to open source software. (more…)

WAP goes Open Source

October 18, 2000

Cambridge, UK — (press release excerpt) — 3G LAB today announced the launch of Alligata Server — the world's first supported Open Source integrated WAP & SMS gateway. The Alligata mobile Internet server — downloadable for free from 3G LAB's website — enables content providers to set up communities of mobile users with new functionality, applications and services on the move, over the air. (more…)

Lineo offers Real-time Linux development training seminar

October 18, 2000

Lindon, UT — (press release) — Lineo today announced a training course for the development and implementation of hard real-time Linux solutions. Instructors for the real-time Linux course and will include Doug Abbott, MSEE University of California at Berkeley and Steve Papacharalambous, a key developer of the Real Time Application Interface (RTAI). (more…)

3Com says yes to QNX, in Audrey Internet appliance

October 17, 2000

Richard Shim of ZDNet News writes that 3Com has taken a different tack from other Internet appliance vendors, by going after early adopters with its new Audrey device. The $499 Audrey Internet Appliance takes aim at a segment of the market that other competitors, such as Netpliance, Compaq, eMachines, and the newly minted S3 spin-off Frontpath, have been ignoring: the connected household. (more…)

The Embedded Linux “Cool Devices” Quick Reference Guide

October 17, 2000

People keep asking, “All this stuff about Embedded Linux 'taking off like a rocket' sounds great, but are any companies really using Embedded Linux in real products? . . . and, if so, when are some of these Embedded Linux based products going to start hitting the market?” (more…)

Empowering embedded apps [eWEEK]

October 17, 2000

eWEEK technical analyst Jason Brooks recently took a look at the QNX Real-time Platform. In this article, Brooks explains why some developers may find that QNX offers a few important pluses over embedded Linux. Brooks writes . . . (more…)

Linux gains ground in emerging Korean SmartPhone market

October 16, 2000

Michael Lee (of MIZI Research) provided the following translation of an article which appeared in the Korean edition of eWEEK . . . (more…)