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Archive for February, 2001

uClinux powers “net-ready” signal processing module

February 28, 2001

Davie, FL — (press release excerpt) — Maple Signal Processing announced the DAQStick line of embedded signal processing cards. The first model, DAQ6854 is a compact, low power board based on the Motorola DragonBallVZ microcontroller and high speed Texas Instruments TMS320C541xx Digital Signal Processor. (more…)

Arcom Introduces QNX Realtime Platform Development Kit

February 27, 2001

Kansas City, KS — (press release excerpt) — Arcom Control Systems today unveiled a simple and ready-to-run development kit featuring the QNX realtime platform (RTP). The kit comes with QNX technology pre-loaded onto the flash-based drive of an Arcom Single Board Computer (SBC). “We have taken the time to match hardware and software so that the engineer can spend their time developing application code… (more…)

Open Source Handhelds Summit

February 27, 2001

Open Source Development Network, OSDN will hold a two-day summit on Open Source application development for handhelds in Austin, Texas on April 30 and May 1, 2001. This conference will look at some of the specific challenges in this new area of development including: interface design, networking, embedded systems and application porting. (more…)

BlueCat Linux now supports Intel XScale

February 27, 2001

San Jose, CA; Intel Developers Forum — (press release excerpt) — LynuxWorks, Inc. today announced the availability of its BlueCat Linux for Intel's new XScale microarchitecture, making LynuxWorks among the earliest providers of operating systems developed for XScale, Intel's new processor core technology. (more…)

Tiny “open hardware” SBC now available commercially

February 27, 2001

Cambridge and London, UK — (press release excerpt) — Aleph One Ltd and Remote12 are pleased to announce that they are able to supply LART boards, with a User Guide, software and cables. The LART board was developed and made public as Open Hardware by Jan-Derk Bakker and colleagues at the Technical University in… (more…)

Royalty-free license for tiny embedded Linux computer

February 27, 2001

Dallas, TX — (press release excerpt) — Simple Network Magic Corporation announced today that it will license the hardware design of the QS850 module for a nominal fee to companies wishing to incorporate the design into their products. The module, which measures just 2.8″ x 2.5″ in size, was designed to simplify the embedding of networked intelligence into a broad range of embedded systems and devices. (more…)

New VDC survey of high reliability computer market

February 26, 2001

Want to win a DVD player? Venture Development Corporation (VDC), an independent market research firm, is conducting a study for leading suppliers of redundant, high availability, and ruggedized industrial computers. They want to understand your problems, expectations, and future purchase plans. (more…)

Embedded Linux Expo and Conference expands to two days

February 26, 2001

San Clemente, CA — (press release) — the RTC Group announced its third Embedded Linux Expo & Conference (ELEC) scheduled for Tuesday, June 26 and Wednesday, June 27 in San Jose, CA. With the standing-room-only success last year in San Jose and Boston, the 2001 events promise continued attention from the industry. (more…)

Red Hat Japan collaborates on Linux PDA project

February 26, 2001

Tony Smith of the Register reports that Red Hat's Japanese subsidiary has signed a deal to market and sell a new Linux GUI aimed at PDAs and other mobile devices. The GUI, says Smith, was developed by Japanese software developer AXE as part of a Linux port to Sharp's Zaurus PDA. (more…)

Wind River worries about GPL in embedded apps

February 26, 2001

In this article by Mike Downing of Integrated Communications Design, Wind River's Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Curt Schacker, expresses his company's concerns about the viability of using GPL-based software (like Linux) in embedded applications. “More customers are telling us that they see interesting aspects to Linux . (more…)

Cirrus Logic releases new Linux audio drivers

February 26, 2001

Austin, TX — (press release excerpt) — Computer manufacturers that pre-load the Linux operating system can now deliver high quality audio thanks to new Linux drivers for Cirrus Logic solutions. The new Linux drivers support all Cirrus Logic computer audio solutions, including its motherboard audio chips (AC '97), PCI-attached audio controllers, and add-in card controllers and DSP solutions. (more…)

Family of computing appliances supports Linux

February 26, 2001

King of Prussia, PA — (press release excerpt) — Neoware Systems today introduced what is being described as the first family of computing appliances that supports Linux, Windows CE, and Embedded NT, all managed by one suite of management tools. The new Eon models offer the broadest range of choices in the appliance market, along with an industry-first Guaranteed Investment Protection plan that lets… (more…)

“World’s first 1-chip Gigabit Ethernet controller” runs Linux

February 26, 2001

San Jose, CA; Intel Developer Forum — (press release excerpt) — Intel Corporation today began sampling the world's first single-chip Gigabit Ethernet controller, an advanced semiconductor device used to help direct the flow of data across networks. The new single-chip controller will help accelerate the deployment of Gigabit Ethernet networks by greatly simplifying the design process for systems… (more…)

MontaVista claims world’s first working XScale Linux demo

February 26, 2001

Sunnyvale, CA — (press release excerpt) — MontaVista Software announced that it has publicly demonstrated the first working version of embedded Linux targeting the Intel XScale microarchitecture. The demo, which took place at the recently-concluded LinuxWorld and Expo in New York, highlighted Hard Hat Linux booting from flash memory and supporting standard Linux features such as networking and command… (more…)

GStreamer: Multimedia on Linux

February 25, 2001 has published an interview with the GStreamer project's lead developer, Erik Walthinsen. GStreamer is an open multimedia framework which is being developed with sponsorship from embeded Linux vendor RidgeRun Inc.'s Christian Schaller writes . . . (more…)