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Archive for July, 2001

Online video demo’s NASA “personal satellite assistant”

July 31, 2001

Richard Hart of CNET interviews Keith Nicewarner, software architect for NASA's personal satellite assistant (PSA) project in this online 2.5 minute video. (more…)

Next generation PCI bus standard nears adoption

July 31, 2001

By Stephen Shankland; special to ZDNet News . . .

The PCI Special Interest Group (PCI-SIG) has all but approved an Intel proposal for the next generation PCI, with full consent expected Friday. (more…)

Partnership crafts Open Source OS for mobile devices

July 31, 2001

Research Triangle Park, NC — (press release excerpt) — Red Hat and multimedia software developer 3G LAB today announced that they are jointly designing and developing what the two companies describe as “the first open source, real-time operating system for next generation 2.5G (GPRS) and… (more…)

Which website has 3778 Embedded Linux related listings?

July 31, 2001

Q: Which website has 3778 Embedded Linux related listings?

A: The answer to that question should be easy . . . (more…)

Linux being embedded into cash registers in China

July 31, 2001

Los Angeles, CA — (press release excerpt) — Bluepoint Linux Software Corp. today announced an agreement with Shenzhen Sed Logic Business Equipment Co. Ltd., a large POS (point-of-sale) hardware supplier in China, whereby the two parties will jointly develop an Embedded Linux based cash register for a government tax… (more…)

G.Mate re-launches YOPY Developer Website

July 30, 2001

G.Mate has announced the re-launch of a new and improved developer website for its YOPY Linux PDA. Quoting from the site's home page . . . (more…)

Graphics software company targets DO-178B compliance

July 30, 2001

Seattle, WA — (press release excerpt) — Seaweed Systems Inc., a specialist in OpenGL and X Window graphics software products and services, today announced it is expanding its technical and marketing resources to focus on producing 2D and 3D graphics drivers that are certifiable to the DO-178B standard. (more…)

Red Hat, 3G Lab developing “wireless Linux”? No, it’s eCos!

July 30, 2001

Contrary to the headline of a Reuters news release (“Red Hat and 3G Lab team up to make 'wireless Linux' “), Red Hat and 3G Lab are not developing a wireless version of Linux for webphones. (more…)

OnCore OS to be bundled with scalable processor core

July 30, 2001

Half Moon Bay, CA — (press release excerpt) — real-time operating system developer OnCore Systems Corporation today announced a multi-year contract with processor core IP provider Siroyan (Reading, U.K.). (more…)

Study finds 300% growth in embedded Linux development

July 30, 2001

Santa Cruz, CA — (press release excerpt) — From household appliances and consumer electronics gadgets, to controllers used in aviation, factories, and automobiles, application-specific devices have become a new frontier for Linux, according to a new report published today by software industry analyst Evans Data Corporation. (more…)

Key-sized USB device challenges MS Passport

July 30, 2001

PlayApp, LLC (Dallas, TX) has announced what they describe as “a free open-source alternative to Microsoft's Passport”. Instead of routing authentication requests through a Microsoft service, users carry around a tiny plug-and-play USB device that is small enough to fit on a key chain. (more…)

Linux Netbooks and Mini-notebooks

July 28, 2001

“Netbooks” are small, low-cost, power-efficient mini-notebook computers, often based on low-power Intel processors, such as the Atom. Since Asus achieved the first mainstream netbook success with its Linux-based Eee PC, netbooks have gone on to become one of the best-selling categories in all of computing. Most of these netbooks are also available in Windows XP versions, and other Windows-based netbooks may be found in the Windows Netbook Showcase at our sister site, WindowsForDevices. For a list of Linux-compatible netbooks, read on!

Introducing . . . The Embedded Java+Linux Quick Reference Guide

July 28, 2001 has launched a new “quick reference guide” devoted to the growing use of Java technology within Linux-based embedded systems and intelligent devices. The continuously updated Embedded Java+Linux Quick Reference Guide is expected to be a popular source of information for embedded system and device… (more…)

Processor wars: ARMed to the teeth

July 27, 2001

A commentary by Stephan Somogyi, of ZDNet News . . .

In the high-profile tech world, talk of processor wars is nothing new. Intel vs AMD is the standard battle of the behemoths, x86 vs PowerPC another big favorite, with the occasional bit of Alpha zealotry thrown in for variety's sake. (more…)

Article: Whitepaper: Embedding Linux

July 26, 2001

The evolution of embedded computers

You don't have to go too many years back to recall a time when designing and building embedded systems was a relatively uncomplicated matter. Not that the process was easy — there simply weren't many choices to make. Combine a few inputs and outputs with some time critical components and, voila, you had an embedded system. (more…)