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Archive for November, 2001

Free 802.1X Linux authentication S/W secures networks

November 20, 2001

Portsmouth, NH — (press release excerpt) — Meetinghouse Data Communications, Inc., a developer of advanced communications software, said today it was making available a free, downloadable network authentication software package for Linux operating systems. The client-side or “supplicant” software package communicates with an 802.1X server or authenticator and a RADIUS server to confirm a user's identity. (more…)

Nat Semi picks PIXIL for info appliance design support

November 20, 2001

Salt Lake City, UT — (press release excerpt) — Century Embedded Technologies today announced that National Semiconductor has licensed an evaluation version of Century's PIXIL Thin Client for distribution with National's Geode family of processors for thin clients and personal Internet access devices. (more…)

Linux PDA — you can have it your way [ZDNet]

November 20, 2001

In this commentary, ZDNet's Guy Kewney shares his enthusiasm about wanting to own one of Sharp's new Linux-based Zaurus PDAs, and also offers Sharp “one urgent bit of advice.” Kewney writes . . . (more…)

Is open source fading away? [CNET]

November 20, 2001

CNET's Stephen Shankland conjectures that the ideological purity of the open-source software business is being diluted by a new era of pragmatism, as start-ups adjust to the economic slump. Shankland writes . . . (more…)

BusyBox 0.60.2 released

November 20, 2001

BusyBox maintainer Erik Andersen sent us this brief announcement of the release of BusyBox version 0.60.2 . . . (more…)

Toshiba introduces SOC for tomorrow’s consumer devices

November 19, 2001

San Jose, CA — (press release excerpt) — Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) today announced development of a new 64-bit MIPS-based microprocessor to enable a new-generation of cost effective digital consumer products that can benefit from 64-bit processing power and specialized peripherals. (more…)

A human sounding voice on every computing device?

November 19, 2001

Pittsburgh, PA — (press release excerpt) — Cepstral, LLC today announced the release of Theta, a state-of-the-art software engine for deploying the highest quality spoken language output possible in a small footprint. (more…)

New website launches Desktop Linux revolution

November 19, 2001

DeviceForge LLC, the parent of, is pleased to announce a new family member: . . . (more…)

Linux to dominate high-end computing within 3 years

November 19, 2001

Boston, MA — (press release excerpt) — A recently published research report from market analyst Aberdeen Group, states that Linux will dominate most segments of high performance computing (HPC) by 2004. The report is a result of Aberdeen's Linux and Open Source Software practice, which covers emerging and established Linux hardware and software suppliers. (more…)

Battle of the mobile PCs [ZDNet]

November 19, 2001

By Richard Shim and Michael Kanellos, of ZDNet News . . .

As the capabilities of handheld computers expand and as Tablet PCs emerge, some in the technology industry believe the two categories are headed toward a collision course. (more…)

A review of Empower Technologies’ PowerPlay III Linux PDA

November 18, 2001

This article at is one of the first user reviews of Empower Technologies' PowerPlay III Linux PDA . . . (more…)

Linux looks for a home in iPAQ handheld [CNN]

November 17, 2001

At the recent Comdex show in Las Vegas, IDG editor Matt Berger discovered that Embedded Linux is gaining strength as an operating system for PDAs, thanks to a demonstration by TUXIA. Berger's story appears at Berger writes . . . (more…)

New software test automation tool for Fortran users

November 17, 2001

Mountain View, CA — (press release excerpt) — software development automation tools specialist Cleanscape Software International introduced Cleanscape Grayboxx, an advanced cross-platform software test automation system, at the Super Computing Conference in Denver last week. (more…)

Wireless multimedia messaging platform supports Linux

November 16, 2001

(press release) — Multimedia messaging allows wireless users to send and receive standard images, audio clips and video clips using their mobile phones or PDAs. Imagine receiving cricket/football highlights, news clips and greeting cards on a mobile phone on a need basis. Multimedia messaging is going to be a successor to SMS, becoming the 'killer application' for 2.5G network deployments. (more…)

HP sacrifices Linux handhelds [ZDNet]

November 16, 2001

By Matthew Broersma, of ZDNet News . . .

Hewlett-Packard was developing three low-end Linux handhelds, including a wireless device, but the projects have been sacrificed in the recent round of layoffs, a source says. (more…)