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Archive for May, 2002

Technical bulletin: Why is Malloc Different Under uClinux?

May 30, 2002

SnapGear has published a technical whitepaper which demystifies some of the issues associated with memory management in uClinux, a version of Linux for deeply embedded systems. The whitepaper is written by David McCullough, a kernel engineer at SnapGear who is currently the maintainer of uClinux's ColdFire distributions and who has contributed patches to upgrade uClinux to the Linux 2.4 kernel. (more…)

TimeSys adds Embedded Linux support for MIPS ‘Malta’ boards

May 30, 2002

Pittsburgh, PA — (press release excerpt) — TimeSys Corp. today released complete embedded Linux solutions for 'Malta' development boards utilizing the MIPS32 4Kc and MIPS64 5Kc processor cores. These cores are ideally suited for a variety of system-on-chip (SOC) embedded applications, such as digital consumer, networking, and office automation systems. (more…)

Asterisk — punctuating the path to open source Packet Voice

May 30, 2002

In this whitepaper, Mack Allison provides an introduction to Asterisk, an open source project which implements a Linux-based Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform. Asterisk turns a Linux system to the task of switching calls, and offers a large number of features to support communication in a business environment. (more…)

New Tvia multimedia display processor supports Linux

May 30, 2002

Santa Clara, CA — (press release excerpt) — Tvia, Inc. announced today that it is introducing and demonstrating its newest product, the CyberPro 5600 at Computex Taipei 2002. Optimized for use with LCD displays, the CyberPro5600 blends up to three sources of video from terrestrial broadcast, narrow band telephone lines, cable, satellite and Ethernet and delivers high quality, interactive picture and… (more…)

United Linux: a Uniform Version of Linux for Business

May 30, 2002

Lindon, UT; Curitiba, Brazil; Nurenberg, Germany; and Brisbane, CA — (press release excerpt) — Linux industry leaders Caldera International, Inc., Conectiva S.A., SuSE Linux AG, and Turbolinux, Inc., today announced the organization of UnitedLinux, a new initiative that will streamline Linux development and certification around a global, uniform distribution of Linux designed for business. (more…)

Linux vendors move to standard platform [ZDNet]

May 30, 2002

Writing for ZDNet UK, Matthew Broersma reports on the newly formed 'United Linux' initiative. Caldera, SuSE, Turbolinux and Conectiva have strategically aligned to offer a standardized distribution . . . (more…)

Linux Making Gains In Government Market [Boston Globe]

May 30, 2002

The worldwide trend of government systems embracing Linux is the focus of AP Technology Writer Jim Krane's syndicated column in the Boston Globe . . . (more…)

Viosoft adds Embedded Linux support for Intel network processors

May 30, 2002

Campbell, CA — (press release excerpt) — Viosoft Corp. today announced its intention to provide a seamless migration path for Intel customers using the Intel Embedded Linux IDE for the Intel IXP1200 network processor. The company also outlined its plans to support the recently announced Intel IXP2400 and IXP2800 network processors. (more…)

Why is Malloc Different Under uClinux?

May 30, 2002

Firstly, under uClinux we don't have Virtual Memory (VM). This means you cannot arbitrarily add memory to an already running process. As VM is usually implemented using a processing unit called a MMU (memory management unit) you will often hear the term NOMMU when traveling in uClinux circles. (more…)

Article: Asterisk — punctuating the path to open source Packet Voice

May 30, 2002

The Asterisk Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform offers an exciting look at the power and adaptability of the Linux kernel and GNU system. Asterisk turns a GNU/Linux system to the task of switching calls, and offers a large number of features to support communication in the business environment. (more…)

ELJonline: BOEL, Part 2: Kernel Configuration and Booting

May 29, 2002

This is Part 2 of an ELJonline technical series about Brian's Own Embedded Linux (“BOEL”), a small embeddable Linux distribution that can boot from disk, CDROM, or the Net. Brian Finley developed BOEL as part of a project to create a tool for distributing live updates to client systems, which required that the client machines be booted in such a manner that their hard disks were not in use so that they… (more…)

Embedded Market Accepts Linux [Nikkei Electronics Asia]

May 29, 2002

Writing in the May 2002 issue of Nikkei Electronics Asia, Teri Sprackland reports that in Asia, the Embedded Market is in the process of embracing Linux . . . (more…)

Updated ‘mini-howto’ on Building TinyX for Handhelds

May 29, 2002

Jim Gettys has updated the 'mini-howto' on building X distributions for the iPAQ at '' . . . (more…)

Lineo rolls out upgrade to Embedix SDK

May 29, 2002

Salt Lake City, UT — (press release excerpt) — Lineo today announced the release of version 2.4 of its award winning Embedix Software Development Kit (SDK). Several new tools and features have been added that allow developers to quickly create their own applications; monitor and debug target machine processes; easily integrate new software into the Embedix environment; and focus on adding value to their… (more…)

Meet Dragonix, an ‘open hardware’ Linux SBC

May 28, 2002

There's a new Embedded Linux kid in town, and his name is the Dragonix. (more…)