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Archive for May, 2002

Interview with BitKeeper primary author Larry McVoy []

May 28, 2002

Jeremy Andrews interviews Larry McVoy of Bitkeeper for . . . (more…)

A TimeSys perspective on the Linux preemptible kernel

May 28, 2002

This whitepaper by Dr. Doug Locke, Vice President of Technology at TimeSys Corp., explores the changes recently made to the mainstream Linux development kernel to improve its preemptibility, discusses the implications of these changes relative to embedded and real-time applications, and contrasts the recently adopted approach with that used in TimeSys Linux GPL. (more…)

Linux Magazine March 2002 issue now online

May 28, 2002

Linux Magazine's March 2002 issue is now online. Features in this issue worth a look include . . .

  • An overview of multiple threads in programming, Common Concurrent Programming Errors, by Henry Gabb.
  • James Tillman describes major Java-based open source projects in Decaffeinating Java. (more…)

Intel announces ‘Modular Platform Design Guide’ for comms industry

May 28, 2002

Munich, Germany — (press release excerpt) — Intel Corporation today outlined an industry vision for standards-based modular communications servers and equipment that will enable network equipment providers to reduce development costs, speed time-to-market, and increase flexibility in the development of standards-based, blade-based communications servers and solutions. (more…)

Article: A TimeSys perspective on the Linux preemptible kernel

May 28, 2002


Linus Torvalds has announced that enhancements have been made to the Linux kernel to support preemptibility. This set of changes, available as a patch to the Linux kernel, has been maintained by Robert Love, a well-known contributor to the Linux kernel. (more…)

Linux for Playstation comes to UK [BBC News]

May 27, 2002

BBC News reports that the Linux for Playstation kit is now available in the UK . . .

“Sony has started taking UK orders for a kit to turn the Playstation 2 games console into a computer running the Linux operating system . . .” (more…)

Linux kernel gets built-in Bluetooth support [ZDNet]

May 27, 2002

Matthew Broersma of ZDNet UK reports that the Linux will soon offer wireless connectivity with the introduction of native Bluetooth support to the latest Linux development kernel. Broersma writes . . . (more…)

Alternative address book for Zaurus Linux PDA

May 27, 2002

An announcement from . . . has released an enhanced alternative addressbook program for the Sharp Zaurus Linux PDA. tkcAddressBook replaces the address book included in the Zaurus. When you install it, the default address book will be moved out of the way (it is moved back when you uninstall). (more…) adds category notification service

May 26, 2002

An announcement from . . . is proud to announce another exciting feature addition to its leading portal site. Over the past few months we have been receiving an increasing amount of email requesting an easy way to keep up-to-date with the latest developments on the Linux scene. (more…)

The Business of Embedded Linux

May 24, 2002

In this opinion column at, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols offers a perspective on the business side of the Embedded Linux Market. Vaughan-Nichols sees 'consolidation' in his crystal ball. Who will win? Who will lose? (more…)

MontaVista Software among Upside’s ‘Hot 100’ [Upside]

May 24, 2002

MontaVista Software has been named to the Upside 2002 'Hot 100' List. Cheryl Huang discusses selection criteria for in this cover story for Upside Magazine . . . (more…)

The Sharp Zaurus — A Lovely Little Computer [O’Reilly]

May 24, 2002

Simson Garfinkel examines the consumer edition of Sharp's Zaurus Linux PDA (the model SL-5500) and is wowed more by the hardware than the software, in this review at O'Reilly. Garfinkel writes . . . (more…)

Breakthrough in Internet video games with IBM Linux-based Grid

May 24, 2002

IBM and, a technology provider to the video game industry, have introduced the first-ever computing Grid — dubbed the “Butterfly Grid” — to support the online video gaming market. Created with rack-mounted IBM eServer xSeries servers, this Grid could enable video game providers to offer gamers the same experience over the Internet as they get now from their XBox, PlayStation or GameCube. (more…)

Interview with PS2 Linux developers [Codingstyle]

May 24, 2002

Codingstyle interviews developers about Linux and the Sony Playstation 2 . . .

“May 22 marks the official release of Sony's PS2 Linux kit in North America and Europe, while Japanese users have been tinkering with their kits for about a year (in beta release; the official release for Japan was last month). (more…)

Article: The Business of Embedded Linux

May 24, 2002

Bigger pie, too many diners?

If Inder Singh, chairman of the Embedded Linux Consortium (ELC) and CEO and Chairman of LynuxWorks, is to be believed, Linux is on the verge of becoming the real… (more…)