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Archive for February, 2003

UC Berkeley Extension announces hands-on embedded/RT Linux course

February 28, 2003

A three-day Hands-On Embedded and Real-Time Linux course will be offered by UC Berkeley Extension from March 24-26, 2003. The course focuses on how Linux has been adapted for use in embedded environments, both PC and non-PC. Through extensive hands-on lab work, participants will learn how to install a cross-development environment, build a compact version of Linux for an embedded device, install the… (more…)

Perception of functionality key to PDA market growth

February 28, 2003

With the lackluster year of 2002 now out of the way, the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) market is poised for growth this year as manufacturers adjust their strategies to focus on expanding the market. According to high-tech market research firm, In-Stat/MDR, while the weak global economy, continuing erosion of US consumer confidence, and lack of corporate IT spending were the major contributors to lower… (more…)

Automotive multimedia interface standard gets released

February 28, 2003

The Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration (AMI-C) has announced the release of the first of several specifications it is developing, which are collectively intended to help create a standardized platform for in-vehicle computing and communications functions and devices. (more…)

Embedding Linux in a surface-to-surface PC

February 28, 2003

How do you fit square pegs into round holes? Get smaller pegs!

When I first thought of this case mod, there were only two responses, cool! Or why? The answer to why is simple: cause I can! (more…)

Device profile: MaXXan SG100 storage gateway

February 27, 2003 takes a look at the MaXXan SG100 storage gateway, a Linux-powered device that is meant to meet the needs of companies' converging NAS (network attached storage) and SAN (storage area network) storage requirements. (more…)

Upgraded middleware suite supports carrier-grade Linux systems

February 27, 2003

GoAhead Software announced an upgrade to its availability and management middleware for carrier-grade and highly reliable systems. (more…)

New online Linux magazine in startup phase

February 27, 2003

James Colannino announced today that The New Penguin Times, a new online Linux magazine which he is founding, is currently in prelaunch and is activing searching for contributed content, either from volunteers to become regular columnists, or from one-time contributors. (more…)

Linux to power PlayStation2 gaming grid

February 27, 2003 and IBM announced that are collaborating to create a Linux-based computing grid that will make use of the advanced networking capabilities of Sony's PlayStation2 in order to efficiently provision resources to meet the demands of console gamers. (more…)

Article: Device profile: MaXXan SG100 storage gateway

February 27, 2003

MaXXan characterizes its Linux-powered SG100 Storage Gateway system as a tightly integrated, easily deployed, storage gateway solution which meets the needs of companies' converging NAS (network attached storage) and SAN (storage area network) storage requirements. (more…)

Cypress introduces next-generation USB controllers and Linux support

February 26, 2003

Cypress Semiconductor has introduced a new family of embedded dual-mode USB controllers which implement both USB “host” and “peripheral” functions. The devices feature built-in RISC CPUs, memory, and control firmware, thereby making it possible for devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, printers, cameras, and music players to communicate with each other without the need for a host computer. (more…)

Intrinsyc preps PowerPC version of tiny CerfCube reference platform

February 26, 2003

Intrinsyc Software announced the development of a new version of its “CerfCube” reference platform that will be based on IBM's PowerPC 405EP embedded processor. (more…)

Who’s funding Free Software?

February 26, 2003

This guest column by the technical editor of the O'Reilly Network considers the growing importance of “free” software, and suggests what you or your company can do to help ensure its continued proliferation as a shared resource . . . (more…)

OPIE comes to CEBIT

February 26, 2003

An announcement from the open source OPIE project . . .

OPIE, the Open Palmtop Integrated Environment, will be present at this years CeBit fair for information technology in Hannover and will be showing a preview of its upcoming 1.0 release. (more…)

New tool provides VxWorks-like shell for embedded Linux

February 26, 2003

(PR excerpt) — Thomas Besemer Consulting today announced the release of VSH. The tool provides an environment similar to the VxWorks shell from Wind River Systems, giving Embedded Linux developers the ability to peek and poke kernel/device memory from the application level. It provides an interactive shell which the user can use to interact with kernel level modules and devices, as well as an Agent… (more…)

REMINDER: please vote in our quick survey on the embedded Linux platform spec

February 26, 2003 requests its readers and everyone else interested in embedded software to participate in our quick poll on reactions to the Embedded Linux Consortium's new spec: the ELC Platform Specification version 1.0. By taking a moment to answer a few quick questions, you will help the ELC gauge the interest in the new spec as well as possible extensions to it. (more…)