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Chorus OS creators unveil real-time, high availability Linux

Feb 3, 2003 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 2 views

(PR excerpt) — Jaluna SA today announced Jaluna-2, an open source Linux operating system implementation targeting real-time, high-availability, and security-oriented systems.

Jaluna-2 will be available as an open-sourced, royalty-free set of operating system components and tools. Included in the set will be an embedded Linux distribution, the C5 micro-kernel (derived from the 5th generation of Sun's ChorusOS), and a host-target integrated development and configuration environment.

Jaluna-2's combination of Linux and C5 can be deployed transparently on single board, multiple board, and racks of computers, thus providing deployment flexibility and support of a very wide set of target products.

Jaluna-2 will include the following components . . .

  • Embedded Linux distribution including Kernel 2.4.20, standard APIs for application and kernel module development, real-time patches, basic core packages, networking packages, native target development environment packages;
  • C5 micro-kernel including real-time schedulers, protected address spaces, inter-process communication, synchronization, time services, interrupt management, and portable device driver framework allowing fast development of hardened drivers;
  • Real-time UDP/IP protocol stack;
  • High availability extensions including Linux failure detection and fast recovery while critical services are still running, fast integrity check upon recovery, persistent RAM disk across Linux reboots, replication of local disk information, checkpointing services to restartable Linux applications;
  • Host-target integrated development environment allowing cross development, configuration, build and installation on a target platform and processor, including gcc 3.2, glibc 2.2.5, RPM-based Linux packages cross installation, system configuration tools, gdb 5.2.1 and Insight GUI supporting system and process remote debugging;
  • Initial set of target processors including x86 and PowerPC families;
  • Support of RedHat 8.0 and Solaris 8 host development systems;
  • Comprehensive documentation set to further facilitate use of Jaluna-2 and integration of its components into products.

In addition, Jaluna-2 comes with optional components and services enabling customers to easily migrate their projects from a proprietary Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) to Open Source Jaluna-2, and benefit from royalty-free deployments while continue using their legacy applications and leverage previous investments.

Jaluna SA (Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France) was founded in August 2002 by the creators of Sun's Chorus microkernel operating system.

A preview release of Jaluna-2 is available today, with general availability scheduled for June 2003.

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