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Commercial GNU tools rev’d

Apr 21, 2008 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

CodeSourcery has updated its commercially supported versions of the GNU C/C++ Toolchain and Eclipse IDE (integrated development environment). The “spring release” of Sourcery G++ adds support for Linux ELF binaries on the MIPS architecture, and Windows binaries on x86, along with a QEMU-based simulator for PowerPC.

Other touted new features include:

  • A post-linker aimed at helping developers reduce GNU/Linux system footprints
  • A utility aimed at improving compatibility with existing GNU/Linux target installations
  • Upgrade to Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) and CDT 4.0
  • ARM version supports Cortex-A9 and Cortex-R4F processors
  • Professional Edition includes big-endian runtime libraries and VFP (vector floating point) enabled runtime libraries
  • ColdFire version adds multi-GOT on Linux and huge-GOT on uClinux
  • Power Architecture version said to generate smaller code when optimized for size, and includes QEMU-based instruction set simulator

Mark Mitchell, Chief Sourcerer, stated, “We've made Sourcery G++ even easier to use — including the Eclipse/CDT upgrade, new tools for GNU/Linux application developers, a streamlined installation process, and more comprehensive documentation. We've also improved the performance of GCC and GDB on a number of popular embedded architectures. We're pleased to have been chosen by several leading companies in this market, including ARM, Freescale, and MIPS, to implement new features and optimizations in the GNU Toolchain.”


The spring release is available now. It encludes an “enhanced” Eclipse-based IDE, the “entire” GNU toolchain with JTAG/BDM and simulator support. It supports GNU/Linux or Windows hosts, and targets running GNU/Linux, uClinux, or Windows, as well as “bare boards.” Supported target architectures are listed below.

Architecture Binary type CPUs
ARM EABI ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex
ARM GNU/Linux ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex
ARM uClinux ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex
ColdFire ELF V1, V2, V3, V4, V4e
ColdFire GNU/Linux V4, V4e
ColdFire uClinux V2, V3, V4, V4e
fido ELF 1100
PowerPC EABI e300, e500, e600, PowerQUICC
Power GNU/Linux e300, e500, e600, PowerQUICC
Stellaris EABI Luminary Stellaris
IA32 GNU/Linux IA32, AMD64, EM64T
IA32 Windows

Sourcery G++ supported target configurations

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