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Embedded Linux Quick Reference Guide (Part 4)

Aug 2, 1997 — by Rick Lehrbaum — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 34 views

Further Information on Specific Topics

Since there are so many areas of interest relative to developing systems and devices based on Embedded Linux, has created an entire series of quick reference guides covering a variety of topics, including Real-time Enhancements and Extensions, GUI and Windowing Software, Java Technologies, System-on-chip Processors, Single-board… Computers, Cool Devices based on Embedded Linux, and Linux-PDAs and PDA-Linux. These guides provide continually updated information about Embedded Linux software, hardware, tools, suppliers, resources, and applications. Use them as launching-pads whenever you set out on a quest for Embedded Linux information and solutions. . . .

  • The Embedded Linux Distributions Quick Reference Guide — distributions and implementations of the Linux kernel and associated system software components that are tailored to fit the limited resources and other constraints of a wide range of intelligent devices and embedded systems.

  • The Real-time Linux Quick Reference Guide — distributions and implementations of the Linux kernel, Linux add-ons, and other software that support the enhanced responsiveness required for process control, high speed communications, streaming media, and other real-time applications.

  • The Embedded Linux GUI/Windowing Quick Reference Guide — windowing and graphics software solutions that support Linux-based intelligent devices and embedded systems, including graphical user interfaces (GUIs), window managers, and browsers.

  • The Embedded Java+Linux Quick Reference Guide — the latest information on articles, whitepapers, products, and web resources relating to the growing use of Java technology within Linux-based embedded systems and intelligent devices.

  • The Linux-friendly System-on-Chip Quick Reference Guide — a survey of highly integrated system-on-chip processors that can be used as the basis of Linux-based embedded systems and devices.

  • The Linux-friendly Embedded Single Board Computers Quick Reference Guide — a tutorial and perspective on the rapidly diverging shapes, sizes, and architectures for embedded single-board computers (SBCs), and highlights the growing importance of Linux to the embedded SBC market. Popular embedded SBC form-factors are defined and described, and sources for product are identified.

  • The Linux-based “Cool Devices” Quick Reference Guide — a catalog of end products in which Linux serves as the embedded operating system, including PDAs, webpads, cell phones, set-top boxes, Internet appliances, entertainment appliances, and other intelligent devices.

  • The Linux-PDA and PDA-Linux Quick Reference Guide — a continually updated overview of available and developing support for Linux on PDAs. Includes PDAs that use Linux as their internal operating system, Linux-based operating system packages that support multiple PDAs, and a list of relevant articles for further reading.

Please note that these guides will be updated frequently, so be sure to check back periodically for the latest info. Additional guides will be added to this series on an ongoing basis.

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