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Embedded Linux research report ships

Apr 30, 2008 — by Eric Brown — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

Evans Data Corp. (EDC) has published the full result set from its annual survey of embedded systems developers. Priced at about $20,000, and entitled “Embedded Systems Development Survey 2007,” the 180-page report addresses topics including embedded Linux platforms, working with multicore processors, and mobile development.

EDC did not reveal any new results from the survey, beyond what it revealed in two summary finding reports from last Fall. In the first of those, CEO John F. Andrews alluded to “the growing move towards Linux” in embedded development. In the second, EDC noted that some 40 percent of the survey's 500 respondents were targeting embedded Linux.

Other key findings revealed earlier by EDC include:

  • Two-thirds of developers surveyed deem source access “very” or “extremely” important, while only five percent thought it “not” important.
  • Tools rank above cost and performance when evaluating microprocessors
  • FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays) are now “as popular as microcontrollers and microprocessors” in embedded designs
  • Two-thirds of developers working on embedded systems for multicore processors are targeting homogeneous cores

Also in the earlier reports, Andrews observed that the need for RTOS source code was “one of the reasons that proprietary RTOSes created in-house for a specific system have long been popular, and now it's a primary motivating factor in the adoption of Embedded Linux.”

The now completed survey results are said to include “expert analysis” from Ann Thryft, a 20-year industry veteran. The report includes chapters on platforms, processors, tools, languages, security, target devices, mobile development, and of course, Linux.

Earlier this month, EDC competitor Venture Development Corps (VDC) found Linux to be the top embedded OS, free or commercial, with usage in about 18 percent of embedded development projects.


More information on the EDC embedded development survey, including a detailed list of survey questions, may be found at EDC's Research and Markets site, here. The price of the survey is 12,840 Euros, or currently about $19,953 US.

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