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Embedded Linux webinar series adds online training materials

Jun 9, 2006 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 1 views

TimeSys will offer several educational webinars this month, on topics of general interest to embedded developers. It will also launch a series of “training” webinars available to subscribers (including trial subscribers) of its “LinuxLink” online services.

The company describes its June webinars as follows:

  • Eclipse and Embedded — Learn about the core capabilities of the Eclipse project, how Eclipse manages projects and where you can download this great, free tool. Thursday, June 15, 2006 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time/1:00 PM Eastern Time. Register
  • Embedded Development with TimeStorm — Engineers involved in embedded projects have special requirements not found in standard integrated development environments. TimeSys built the TimeStorm product on top of Eclipse to satisfy these requirements: tool chain management, cross-compilation, and remote program execution and debugging. Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time/1:00 PM Eastern Time Register
  • OProfile and TimeStorm — Embedded systems typically have timing constraints and resource contention bottlenecks that are difficult to find with intrusive debugging tools. To solve these problems, embedded engineers need tools that record the state of the system while it's running and TimeStorm's latest release includes tight integration with OProfile to provide this functionality. Tuesday, June 27, 2006 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time/1:00 PM Eastern Time Register

“Training” webinars

TimeSys's new “training” webinar series, available to LinuxLink subscribers (and trial subscribers), will focus initially on orienting subscribers to the features and capabilities of the company's Eclipse-based “Developer Suite.” The Suite, which was updated earlier this week, includes a “TimeStorm” IDE (integrated development environment) based on the latest versions of Eclipse and CDT (C development tool), along with several integrated online services. The Suite is available as an add-on to current LinuxLink subscribers, and comes standard with LinuxLink Developer Edition, the more expensive of TimeSys's two LinuxLink subscription options.

Developer Suite training Webinar topics include:

  • Overview of new features (TimeStorm 3.2) — Learn about new TimeStorm 3.2 productivity tools, such as tighter integration with OProfile, and get an overview of the TimeStorm product.
  • Application development and debugging — Start with an empty workspace and build a working application as you get a guided tour on how to use TimeStorm for application development and debugging.
  • Linux kernel development and debugging — Kernel development doesn't have to be done from the command-line! Learn how to create a project based on a Linux kernel, use the kernel configuration editor, build your project, and remotely debug the kernel from within the TimeStorm integrated development environment.
  • Target root file system design — Create a root file system (RFS) using TimeStorm.
  • Using the online builder — Learn how to use the LinuxLink Builder on-line tool to create your own Linux distributions from a combination of LinuxLink-supplied and your own components.
  • System profiling — System profiling allows you to see and diagnose resource contention and timing problems by monitoring your project while it is running code, and displaying the results in a easy to understand format. TimeStorm's integration with OProfile provides a complete system profiling solution, and this webinar will show the participant how to take advantage of this new feature.

“We would like to have people who are users of the system, but the training webinars are available to those with free trial x86 subscriptions” said TimeSys spokesperson Laurie Sims. Registration information for the TimeSys training webinars is available by logging into TimeSys's Developer Exchange.

Additionally, more than a dozen older TimeSys Webinars have been archived here.

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