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Embedded Linux wins big in Linux Journal Editors’ Choice Awards

Nov 8, 2001 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

Linux Journal has announced its annual “Editors' Choice” awards, and five of the winners are from the Embedded Linux space. These are (as described in Linux Journal) . . .

  • Server Appliance: Filanet InterJak 200 802.11b — Filanet makes a series of inexpensive, fanless embedded Linux network devices, based around a custom ASIC with an ARM CPU core and hardware 3DES, that will solve a lot… of problems for companies and ISPs at only a little more than the price of a dumb DSL box.

  • Mobile Device: Compaq iPAQ — Linux-capable PDAs come in two flavors: capable of running minimal software only and high-powered with speed and space to experiment. The iPAQ is the best of the latter bunch, with a good industrial design except for the almost-symmetrical stylus.

  • Embedded Development Tool: Lineo's Embedix SDK 2.0 — Lineo has done a good job of making a product that appeals to a wide range of embedded developers. Embedix has a nice interface, plentiful features and great documentation that work to lessen the embedded Linux learning curve and allow developers to concentrate on their applications.

  • Real-Time Tool: Preemptible Kernel Patch, Nigel Gamble et. al., MontaVista Software — This patch is only 1,000 lines and uses the existing kernel SMP-locking strategy for respectable real-time gains at a small price. Not just for embedded systems weenies, everyone who wants to listen to an audio stream and untar a big archive at once will appreciate this.

  • Web Site: LinuxDevices — Recently acquired by DeviceForge LLC, LinuxDevices is back in the hands of its founder, Rick Lehrbaum. The site has done a terrific job of providing a wealth of information in the form of news, HOWTOs, product reviews and comparisons, and discussion forums. While primarily focused on embedded Linux, it has a lot to offer the average Linux geek as well. [“Hey, thanks!”, says Rick.]
Another winner of interest to embedded Linux oriented developers is . . .
  • Development Tool: KDevelop — KDevelop has a thriving user community, offers debugging and class browsing tools and even makes it easy to start up a new project in the standard GNU style. People coming from proprietary IDEs will find that KDevelop can mimic several popular interface styles. Embedded distribution vendor REDSonic chose KDevelop as the integrated development environment for their RedIce Linux.
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