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Jun 27, 2001 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 4 views

Diehl Martin of supplied the following announcement about a new open hardware design . . . has released the Juice Cross-Extender Board design under the GNU General Public License. The Juice board is a Cross-Extender between the ISA bus and the PC/104 bus, to allow testing of embedded PC/104 bus boards in a conventional PC. This is an entirely passive board, with no components other than the connectors required. The Juice board is used by plugging it into a PC, and then plugging the PC/104 board into the Juice board. Because the Juice board implements a “stack-through” PC/104 bus, the PC/104 board(s) under test may be plugged into either the front or back of the Juice Board. is a web site dedicated to the cooperative development of free hardware designs, and drivers for them. Free hardware design is the design and public release of the designs of useful electronic building blocks, in the forms of documentation, schematics, printed wiring board layouts, programmable logic implementations, and software drivers for them, as both source code and more immediately usable forms. These designs are not freeware, but rather copyrighted and licensed in such a way that they may be improved by other volunteers and potentially incorporated into other designs, under the same rules. The term copyleft is sometimes applied to this concept, where the licensing is designed specifically to keep the original design and any descendants which flow from it available to help the common good.

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