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GNOME vs. KDE: A license to sell []

Jun 21, 2002 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

Writing at, Nicholas Petreley explains why he believes GNOME is likely to emerge as the most popular desktop platform. Petreley explains why language support doesn't matter much, why technical merit doesn't necessarily translate to successful software, and why he has a major problem with Trolltech's Qt-licensing scheme . . .

” . . . Both environments have ample language bindings (including bindings for Python, for example). One may have better support than the other for any given language. You rarely see any popular programs for GNOME/GTK written in anything but C or perhaps C++, and I've almost never seen any programs for KDE written in anything other than C++. Unless you have specific requirements for a project, I'm not sure why the abundance of language bindings would be very important. It doesn't seem to have been important for most popular projects . . . “

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