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Great Gadget SmackDown Round 3 — Post-match Wrap-up

Jul 1, 1997 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

It's the end of Round Three in the Great Gadget Smack-Down, time to weigh the mighty blows wielded by both heavyweights. Overall, Linux landed 52 percent of 603 blows. but Windows connected plenty of haymakers, too. This fight is far from finished!

Linux continued to pummel Windows with heavy body blows in gateways, servers, and access points, where it enjoys a lead of 73 to essentially zilch. Windows, on the other hand, fought back hard by expanding its huge lead in GUI-centric handheld and mobile devices, out-jabbing Linux 175 to 75 in combined PDAs, tablets, and mobile phones.

Linux actually narrowed its losses in mobile phones, though, with the Windows advantage there shrinking by nearly half, from 3:1 to 1.6:1. And despite the apparent loss of Sharp's Zaurus PDA outside of Japan, new Linux handhelds like Archos's stunning PMA400 and Nokia's hot 770 Internet Tablet brought the crowd to its feet.

Windows, meanwhile, staged a comeback in A/V Entertainment, edging its standing up from 1:4 to 1:3 (Windows devices to Linux devices) with piledrivers like the Microsoft Xbox.

In summary, the battle rages on, with no clear winner but consumers, who increasingly benefit from a whole new world of ever smarter and better-connected devices. Scorecard: Linux 313, Windows 290.

It's now time for Round Four to begin. Good luck to both our heavyweights — and may the best solution for consumers win!

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