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Linux PR: muLinux V7r6 — a 1-floppy Linux

Dec 30, 1999 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 5 views

Dwight Johnson of Linux Today reports . . .

muLinux V7r6 is a fully configured, minimalistic but mostly complete, application-centric Linux distribution, that fits on a single floppy diskette, with add-ons. Its main goals: proselitism, rescue.

Available floppy add-ons include:

  • X11 — XF86-VGA16 fvwm95,wm2 & afterstep Window Managers, xfm File Manager, Chimera graphic web browser, etc.
  • GCC — gcc, make, lex, yacc, f2c, p2c, qb2c, BASIC, etc.
  • EXT — e2fsck, lilo, SCSI, PCMCIA, SVGALIB, IsaPNP, in.telnetd, in.ftpd, etc.
  • TCL — from Tom Poindexter
  • VNC — the Xvnc X server, etc.
Works on: 386 PC with 8MB DRAM + swap and install in RAM, UMSDOS, EXT2 and LOOP, from Linux or DOS/WIN9*, or via direct cloning process.

The base floppy includes:

  • Internet connection via PPP or Ethernet LAN
  • Email processing — fetch/read/send mail, NFS, Samba/SMB share mounting, ftp, IRC, finger, telnet, rlogin, trafshow, read/post news, and web browsing (with lynx 2.6)
  • PC/PC link via pppd
  • IP firewall & IP masqueranding
  • Remote access via modem line (miterm)
  • Two text-editors — elvis, ae
  • fdisk, e2fsck, fdformat; job scheduler (atd), crond, ringd daemon, WWW server, dialin server, serial server, fax server
  • Play & record WAV, CD listening (playcd), say synthetizer, mp3, local and remote UNIX printers
  • etc.
Other Features: International keyboards support, BUS mouse, PAP/CHAP authentication, permanent multi-configuration, PC speaker support, NFS-root booting for diskless Xterminal.

Author: M. Andreoli, Pontedera (Pisa) – Italy [email protected]

Download from: (DENMARK)

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