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Software suite enables Linux-based Gigabit routers and switches

Jul 30, 2002 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

Cary, NC — (press release excerpt) — LVL7 Systems announced plans to integrate its FASTPATH software with Intel's Media Switch family of devices (including the IXE5416, IXE5216, and IXE2424). The combination of technologies is intended to facilitate development of high performance, system-ready Fast and Gigabit Ethernet switching systems. LVL7 and Intel will jointly develop bundled product offerings for advanced Layer 2/3/4 switch routers and high-volume Gigabit Desktop switching market segments. Operating system support will include VxWorks and Linux.

The FASTPATH software suite — which includes Layer 2 Switching, Layer 3 Routing, Management, Multicast and QoS functionality — is being ported to and optimized for the Intel Media Switch family of products. FASTPATH is available for the IXE5416, IXE5216 and IXE2424 devices, with follow-on support for future Intel Media Switch products.

The Intel Media Switch family of Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet switch and switch/router devices provides multi-service capabilities including Quality of Service (QoS), Class of Service (CoS), multicasting, routing, bandwidth management, and provisioning to enable voice, video, and data integration over Ethernet networks. The Intel Media Switch family enables cost-effective migration to Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop and facilitates applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP), streaming video, distance learning, teleconferencing and corporate network video conferencing.

The complete FASTPATH suite will be pre-loaded on Intel Media Switch reference boards along with sample source code for customer evaluation. Network equipment vendors and system integrators may purchase the full complement of the FASTPATH software source code from Intel or LVL7.

Initial product offerings will be targeted to the following market segments:

  • High-Volume Gigabit Desktop Switches: Aimed at driving Gigabit to the desktop in the Enterprise, this offering will include comprehensive Layer 2 Switching and Management packages for low-cost Enterprise equipment. Linux 2.4 support will further reduce the cost of shipping this system.
  • Advanced Layer 2+ Switches: Designed for enterprises that need to differentiate between data, VoIP and video traffic, this offering will include a comprehensive Layer 2 suite, with user interface packages (WEB, CLI, SNMP) and QoS functionality (DiffServ, IP Classification, Bandwidth Limiting).
  • Advanced Layer 3 Switches: Designed for customers who need a fully integrated Layer 3 switch, this offering will include FASTPATH Management, Switching, Routing and Multicast packages. With the inclusion of QoS and Multicast, this solution is ideal for customers who are running multiple types of traffic (such as voice and data) through the system or delivering video-on-demand or similar broadcast-type media.

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