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The Embedded Java+Linux Quick Reference Guide (Part 3)

Aug 24, 1997 — by Rick Lehrbaum — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

Part 3: Articles & whitepapers on using Java with Embedded Linux

The following articles and whitepapers provide further background and perspective on the use of Java technologies in Linux-based embedded systems and smart devices . . .
  • Pondering our Linux/Java future –… this guest editorial paints a picture of a future in which we are surrounded by myriad smart devices, each running the combo of an embedded Linux OS along with a Java application programming environment. Moreover, the author identifies technologies that make this futuristic vision a possibility today.

  • Java Technology for the Embedded Linux market — this whitepaper provides a primer to the use of Java as an application platform in Linux-based embedded systems and smart devices. Learn the origin and meaning of the most common Java-related acronyms and terms, including: VM, WORA, pJava, AWT, Embedded Java Virtual Machine, KVM, Java Card, J2ME, J2EE, J2SE, CDC, CLDC, JCP, AOT, JIT, and Dynamic Compilation.

  • Embedded Linux & Java — made for each other — this whitepaper discusses the teaming of Linux and Java for embedded applications. It looks at the strengths of each on its individual merit, and explores the benefits of the synergy between them. Additional topics covered include Java's place in the total software stack, platform and processor coverage, available development tools, execution engines, optimization tools, and deployment models.

  • Java and Embedded Linux Team Up — this whitepaper discusses the advantages, benefits, issues, and trade-offs to consider when developing embedded systems based on a combined Java/Linux platform.

  • The coming Java-Linux duopoly — this guest editorial goes into great detail about a wide range of timely topics. You may, or may not, agree with the assessment of Java as the wave of the future — but the author makes some truly stunning points about the disruptive effects of Open Source, Linux, and the web/Internet on the computing software/hardware establishment.

  • An introduction to Waba — an open source Java-like platform — this whitepaper describes a new Open Source Java-like platform called “Waba” that is currently being ported to Linux. The Waba VM is well suited for use in Linux-based embedded and mobile devices, requiring just 40KB on an Motorola 68K processor

  • Linux + Java turbocharge “Super8 Hemi” concept car — DaimlerChrysler unveiled its newest concept car at the January, 2001 North American International Auto Show: the Dodge Super8 Hemi “all-American sedan” — with embedded Linux+Java inside.

  • A developer's perspective on PocketLinux — this article reviews the architecture, environment, and programming techniques used to develop applications with the Transvirtual Technologies' “PocketLinux” Linux+Java operating environment for PDAs and handheld computers.

  • Device Profile: Sharp's new Linux/Java PDA — this article previews Sharp's new Linux/Java PDA, which features an embedded Linux operating system and a Java application environment.

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