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Tiny computer module packs Linux, does GPRS

Jul 27, 2006 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 13 views

SSV Embedded Systems is shipping a tiny processor module targeting complex industrial communications applications. The ARM9-based DNP/9200 single-board computer (SBC) comes pre-installed with Linux, and is available in a Starter Kit that includes an evaluation board with a socket for a GSM/GPRS modem and SIM card.

(Click for larger view of DNP/9200 Starter Kit)

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SSV says it designed the DNP/9200 processor module and its DNP/EVA9 evaluation board to support GPRS radio links over GSM mobile phone networks, in addition to traditional industrial I/O. The module also offers USB host and device support, a TCP/IP stack, and various networking clients and demons.

The DNP/9200 fits into a 64-pin IC socket with 0.1-inch pin spacing

The DNP/9200 processor module measures 3.2 x 1.1 inches (82 x 28mm), and fits into a standard JEDEC DIL (dual-inline) socket with 64 pins spaced at 0.1 inches. The module is based on an Atmel AT91RM9200 clocked at 180MHz, and has 16MB of flash and 32MB of SDRAM memory. On-board interfaces include two UARTs, SPI, SSI/I2C, USB host and device, an 8-bit bus interface and 20 GPIO lines.

DNP/9200 diagram

The DNP/EVA9 board offers two USB ports, one Ethernet port, two RS-232 connectors, a 4-line x 16-character LCD text display, four buttons, status LEDs, and an MMC/SD slot. Additionally, it offers a “dock” for GSM/GPRS modem modules and SIM cards. A Sony/Ericsson GSM/GPRS modem, antenna, and pre-paid SIM card are available on request.

On the software side, the DNP/9200 starter kit comes with a GNU-based cross-development environment for Linux and Windows hosts, drivers for Ethernet, USB, and GPRS, and a TCP/IP stack, web server, telnet server, and (T)FTP server. An included CD offers sample C code for implementing Linux-based USB/Ethernet/GPRS, HTTP/e-mail, and HTTP/SMS gateways.


The DNP/9200 Starter Kit, DNP/EVA9 board, and DNP/9200 CPU module appear to be available now. Pricing was not disclosed.

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