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“World’s tiniest” Linux SBC gains Windows cross-hosting

Aug 23, 2005 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 40 views

SSV has added Windows XP hosting to the embedded Linux starter kit it offers for its Coldfire-based DIL/NetPC PNP/5282, which it describes as the “world's tiniest Linux system.” The “CoLinux Cross Tools” include a GNU-based uClinux build environment that runs in a window on XP, the company… says.

(Click for larger view of SSV's DIL/NetPC PNP/5282 starter kit)

DIL/NetPC PNP/5282
(Click image to enlarge)

SSV's DIL/NetPC PNP/5282 SBC targets telematics applications, and applications where existing embedded designs need to be network-enabled. It measures 2.165 x 0.9 inches (55 x 23 mm), and matches the footprint and pin pattern of a 40-pin “DIP” IC (dual-inline-package integrated circuit). It is based on a 66MHz 32-bit Freescale MCF5282, and has 8MB of Flash and 16MB of SDRAM. On-chip peripheral interfaces include 10/100 Ethernet, CAN (field bus), two UART interfaces, SPI, I2C, and one GPIO port with 20 pins.

SSV calls its DNP5282 the “world's smallest Linux system”

SSV says its CoLinux Cross Tools can be used to develop and test embedded uClinux applications for the DIL/NetPC PNP/5282 using a development host running Windows XP. The Tools allow source code to be edited in Windows XP, while a version of “Cooperative Linux” (CoLinux) — SSV's uClinux-based distribution for Coldfire microcontrollers) — runs in a window on XP and provides a GNU-based C/C++ cross-compiling build environment. The Tools also include TFTP and FTP servers, for downloading code to the embedded target.


The CoLinux Cross Tools are provided as a free accessory to SSV's DIL/NetPC DNP/5282 starter kit. The starter kit includes tools for Linux-based x86 hosts, and produces bFLT (uClinux Binary Flat Format) binary files for the MCF528x processors.

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