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Tiny DSP module VoIP-enables factory equipment

Mar 5, 2008 — by Eric Brown — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 8 views

SSV has introduced a digital signal processor (DSP) module that attaches to custom I/O boards via “DIL” (dual in line) sockets. Designed for VoIP integration into measurement and automation equipment, the DIL/NetPC DNP/5370 runs uClinux on an Analog Devices BF537 Blackfin DSP.

(Click for larger view of the DIL/NetPC DNP/5370)

SSV's tiny DNP/5370 appears primarily intended for use as a “device server” that adds networking capabilities to equipment with serial or CAN control interfaces. Such equipment could include factory automation machinery, HVAC (heating, venting, and cooling) systems, or building automation equipment such as elevator controls.

Hannover, Germany-based SSV says that when used as a device server, the DNP/5370 can support VoIP communications while simultaneously transmitting measurement data. Along with serial, CAN, and Ethernet interfaces, the “32-bit mini-computer” boasts a variety of analog and digital I/O. The included uClinux environment features a TCP/IP stack, embedded VoIP support, a web server, Telnet server, TFTP client, and an FTP server.

DIL/NetPC DNP/5370 block diagram

The DNP/5370 is the first model in SSV's DIL/NetPC module family to use a DSP. Earlier models typically used ARM-based SoCs.

The DNP/5370 is based on a 32-bit, 600MHz BF537 Blackfin DSP. It comes with 32MB of SDRAM, 3MB of NOR Flash, and 8MB of NAND flash, expandable via an SD/MMC card slot. I/O includes a pair of RS232 UARTs, CAN, SSI, TWI/I2C, and 20-bit GPIO interfaces. There's also an 8-bit expansion bus.

uClinux and accompanying drivers are stored in the NOR flash memory. The NAND flash and optional SD/MMC card offer additional room for filesystems.

DNP/SK28 starter kit
(Click to enlarge)

SSV is also offering a DNP/SK28 starter kit (pictured above) that includes the DNP/5370 module, along with a development board. The board offers real-world I/O connectors that include an RJ45 LAN connector, two RS232 interfaces, and audio I/O. It also offers an LCD and buttons, as well as a hole-grid surface suitable for custom modifications. A bundled Windows-based CD-ROM enables a direct VoIP connection between the starter kit and a Windows PC. The embedded uClinux distro includes a web server for web-based configuration.

Specifications listed by SSV for the DIL/NetPC DNP/5370 include:

  • Processor — Analog Devices BF537 32-bit Backfin MCU (600MHz)
  • Memory — 32MB 32-bit SDRAM (120MHz); 3MB NOR flash; 8MB NAND flash
  • Memory expansion — 1 x SD/MMC Card slot with preinstalled 128MB MMC
  • Networking — 1 x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
  • Other I/O:
    • 1 x SSI (synchronous serial interface) with I2S support
    • 1 x TWI (two-wire interface) with I2C support
    • 1x CAN (vontroller area network) 2.0b
    • 2 x UART-based serial ports (one with all “handshakes”)
    • 1 x 20-bit general purpose high-speed parallel port interface (PPI)
    • 1 x 8-bit I/O expansion bus with 3 interrupt inputs, 2 chip select outputs
  • Other features — programmable watchdog timer; 3 x LED for LAN status/traffic; JTAG IEEE 1149.1 test interface; in-system programming
  • Connectors — 64-pin JEDEC DIL-64 connector, 2.54mm centers
  • Power — 3.3 Volt; 3.3 VDC (+- 5%); 350 mA typ. @ 600MHz (600 mA max.)
  • Operating temperature — 32 – 158 degrees F (0 – 70 degrees C)
  • Dimensions — 3.2 x 1.1 inches (82 x 29 mm)
  • Operating system — preinstalled uClinux (Linux 2.6.16)


The The DIL/NetPC DNP/5370 and DNP/SK28 starter kit are available now at undisclosed prices. More information may be available here.

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