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Archive for August, 2000

New Embedded Linux Developer Kit support PDAs

August 16, 2000

LinuxWorld — (press release) — Transvirtual Technologies, Inc., developers of the Kaffe development environment, today announced the first Developer Release of its PocketLinux Framework, a single, Open Source application development environment for all mobile computing devices. The company also launched, a comprehensive online resource… (more…)

Transvirtual putting Linux on PDAs

August 16, 2000

Carmen Nobel, of eWEEK, reports on the introduction of an open source version of Embedded Linux for PDAs by Transvirtual Technologies at LinuxWorld. Nobel writes . . . (more…)

IBM announces new Linux-based thin client offerings

August 15, 2000

LinuxWorld — (press release) — IBM announced today two new Linux offerings for its NetVista thin clients that enable businesses to combine the inherent security, systems manageability and low cost of ownership of IBM thin clients with the flexibility and widespread application support of Linux. (more…)

GNOME community and industry leaders launch 5-point initiative

August 15, 2000

LinuxWorld — (press release) — The GNOME project today announced five major initiatives aimed at delivering an industry-wide open user environment. These initiatives are:

  • To establish the GNOME user environment as the unifying desktop for the Linux and Unix communities.
  • Adoption of technologies for integration into GNOME.
  • Integration of the Mozilla browser technology… (more…)

MontaVista taps IBM Java technology for Embedded Linux apps

August 15, 2000

LinuxWorld — (press release) — Engineers and developers can now deploy connected Java language-based solutions on Hard Hat embedded Linux targets using IBM's VisualAge Micro Edition tools, class libraries and virtual machines, available from and supported by MontaVista Software. (more…)

Agenda’s agenda — a Linux-based “Open PDA”

August 15, 2000's Rick Lehrbaum was treated to a sneak preview of Agenda's new Linux-powered PDA, which will be introduced tomorrow at LinuxWorld Expo in San Jose, CA. Lehrbaum was so jazzed about this exciting new device with Embedded Linux inside, that he rushed right back to his office to file this sneak preview story. Lehrbaum writes . . . (more…)

Article: Agenda’s agenda — a Linux-based “Open PDA”

August 14, 2000

I just got back from my sneak preview of the new Linux-powered Agenda VR3 PDA which is being introduced tomorrow at LinuxWorld in San Jose, CA (see announcement). The VR3 offers convincing evidence of just how quickly Linux has transformed the embedded systems world, and how far that transformation has progressed. (more…)

Linux-based PDA unveiled at LinuxWorld

August 14, 2000

LinuxWorld — (press release) — Agenda Computing, Inc. is exhibiting and demonstrating the Agenda VR3, a new Linux-based PDA, at LinuxWorld. The $149 four-ounce, pocket-sized PC has the power, speed and storage resources to run most current and future desktop-class computer applications. (more…)

Gnome Linux to attack Windows

August 14, 2000

Mary Jo Foley, of ZDNet News, asks “Can Linux make a run at Windows on the desktop?” Foley reports that a major announcement of multi-company backing for the Gnome Linux windowing interface will be made tomorrow at LinuxWorld expo in San Jose, CA. Foley writes . . . (more…)

Trolltech launches embedded GUI and windowing system

August 14, 2000

LinuxWorld — (press release) — Trolltech announced today the launch of Qt/Embedded, their graphical user interface (GUI) application framework and windowing system for embedded Linux. (more…)

Intel acquires CompactPCI originator Ziatech for $240M

August 14, 2000

Editor's note: While not an embedded Linux story per se, today's announcement (see below) by Intel of its acquisition of CompactPCI originator Ziatech, on top of the similar acquisition last year by Motorola Computer Group of ProLog (the other major pioneer in CompactPCI), illustrates the major investments being made by the two US semiconductor giants in the telecom / datacom / Internet infrastructure… (more…)

Tiny embeddable board comes with Embedded Linux

August 14, 2000

Simple Network Magic Corporation (SNMC) has announced a fully GPL embedded Linux port for its tiny QuickStart QS850 embedded computer module. The module, which measures just 2.8″ x 2.5″ in size (see photo), was designed to simplify the embedding of networked intelligence into a broad range of embedded systems and… (more…)

New Embedded Linux cross-devel. kit rivals traditional RTOS tools

August 14, 2000

LinuxWorld — (press release) — MontaVista Software, Inc., developer of the Hard Hat Linux operating system for embedded applications, today announced the immediate availability of the Hard Hat Linux Cross Development Kit (CDK), version 1.2. The MontaVista CDK allows developers of pervasive Linux applications for tele- and data-communications, consumer devices, instrumentation, and industrial equipment… (more…)

Indrema creates open source console game development network

August 14, 2000

LinuxWorld — (press release) — CollabNet, a leading provider of collaborative software development services based on Open Source principles, and Indrema Corporation, creator of the first Linux-based video game console and digital entertainment platform, today announced they will build the Indrema Developer Network (IDN), an online developer community and support network for the Indrema Entertainment… (more…)

Red Hat and Indrema partner to support game console market

August 14, 2000

LinuxWorld — (press release) — Indrema Corporation, creator of the first Linux-based video game console and digital entertainment platform, and Red Hat, Inc., the leader in Open Source Internet infrastructure, today announced that the companies have formed an alliance to jointly manage branding and distribution of DV Linux, an upcoming universal standard operating system for console video gaming and… (more…)