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Archive for May, 2001

ESC keynote: “Embedded Shall Inherit The Earth”

May 29, 2001

San Francisco — (press release excerpt) — CMP Media today announced that best selling author and television personality, Robert X. Cringely, will deliver the keynote at the Embedded Systems Conference Chicago. In a speech titled, “How The Embedded Shall Inherit The Earth,” Cringely will share his insights about the embedded systems industry's explosive growth and future markets. (more…)

Red Hat announces Linux 7.1 for Itanium

May 29, 2001

Research Triangle Park, NC — (press release excerpt) — Red Hat, Inc. today the availability of Red Hat Linux 7.1 for the Itanium Processor, which features the new 2.4 kernel. This configuration supports the very large address space of Itanium-based systems and scales efficiently to eight or more Itanium processors running as a single system image. (more…)

Software for a diskless Linux Kiosk system

May 28, 2001

This article by Jamie Zawinski gives a detailed, step-by-step account of the software side of creating a diskless Kiosk system based on Linux, XFree86, GNOME, BusyBox, and other open source software. Zawinski writes . . . (more…)

Atlanta Linux Showcase moves to Oakland, CA

May 28, 2001

The Linux conference/expo formerly known as the “Atlanta Linux Showcase” has moved out of Atlanta and changed its name to the “Annual Linux Showcase” (ALS). This year's ALS will take place November 5-10, in Oakland, California. Below is an excerpt from the ALS 2001 announcement and call for papers. (more…)

Embedded Linux sessions at Open Source Conference

May 26, 2001

Bob La Quey writes . . .

At the O'Reilly Open Source Convention being held in San Diego, CA from July 23-27, 2001 there will be two interesting embedded Linux presentations:

  • Creating a Development Environment for Embedded Linux — by Dr. Richard Sevenich and Stuart Steiner, Eastern Washington University; Friday, July 27 from 3:45pm to 4:30pm. (more…)

Article: Embedded Linux and Java — made for each other

May 25, 2001

Foreword: This whitepaper discusses the teaming of Linux and Java for embedded applications. It looks at the strengths of each on its individual merit, and explores the benefits of the synergy between them. Additional topics covered include Java's place in the total software stack, platform and processor coverage, available development tools, execution engines, optimization tools, and… (more…)

India’s sub-$200 “Simputer” is a Linux PDA

May 25, 2001

According to an MSNBC news story written by Gary Krakow, a non-profit group in India has created a simple, inexpensive, multilingual handheld computer aimed at bringing computing to Third World nations — dubbed the “Simputer.” And naturally, it's based on Embedded Linux. Krakow writes . . . (more…)

Embedded Linux and Java — made for each other

May 25, 2001

This whitepaper, by Michael Mathews of MontaVista Software and Marc Erickson of IBM's Object Technology Inc. division, discusses the teaming of Linux and Java for embedded applications. It looks at the strengths of each on its individual merit, and explores the benefits of the synergy between them. (more…)

Opinion: A third way for software development

May 24, 2001

In this guest editorial written for ZDNet, Lineo CEO Bryan Sparks addresses the question, “Is it possible to balance open-source code and intellectual property?” Sparks writes . . . (more…)

Sharp to demo Linux PDAs and launch developer program

May 24, 2001

Bloomberg News reports that Sharp Electronics will demonstrate prototypes of handheld computers running Linux next month at the JavaOne conference, which takes place June 4 to 8 in San Francisco. (more…)

IOGEAR boosts development of USB 2.0 support for Linux

May 24, 2001

Irvine, CA — (press release excerpt) — Open source systems are one step closer to experiencing the increased speed of second generation USB technology, thanks to development support from IOGEAR Inc.. IOGEAR is working with the Linux USB project to deliver… (more…)

Here they come — TVs with embedded Linux!

May 24, 2001

Santa Ana, CA — (press release excerpt) — Princeton Graphic Systems has begun shipping the world's first TV with a built-in [Linux-based] Internet Appliance subsystem. Princeton's high-end is a 36″ viewable, 4:3 direct-view CRT HD-ready TV (and computer monitor) with integrated Ch.1 services for enhanced TV and Internet functionality. (more…)

FSM Labs forms Korean RTLinux alliance

May 23, 2001

Socorro, NM — (press release excerpt) — Finite State Machine Labs and AstonLinux (of Korea) have announced plans to integrate RTLinux into CodeMaker, an embedded Linux software development tool from AstonLinux. The two companies simulaneously announced a Korean market distribution agreement for RTLinux. (more…)

Toolkit adds HA support to Hard Hat Linux

May 23, 2001

London, U.K. — (press release excerpt) — MontaVista Software Inc. today announced the introduction of the company's first High Availability development tools for Linux-based embedded applications. The Hard Hat Linux High Availability Tool Kit is intended for designers of central office switching equipment, ISP/ASP systems, and other communications applications. (more…)

Device Profile: Hi-Muse — the ultimate music appliance?

May 22, 2001

Two years ago, French startup Future Sound Technologies (FST) set about creating “the ultimate music appliance” for today's wired music enthusiasts. Founders Martin Guerin and Eric Morisset envisioned a device that would make it easy for people to fully enjoy their favorite online and downloaded titles anytime, anywhere — without the hassles of being tethered to a PC. (more…)