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Archive for July, 2004

NEWS FLASH: Finally, a US Linux smartphone

July 30, 2004

US mobile phone customers will at last gain the option of a Linux-based handset later this year, when operators begin offering a high-end Motorola Linux/Java smartphone aimed at business professionals. (more…)

Linux ported to Archos portable multimedia player

July 30, 2004

A new project is developing a Linux port for Archos portable multimedia harddisk player/recorders. The LinAV project began in April, and has focused initially on the AV3xx-series devices, so far releasing a working kernel and a build environment for graphical applications based on the nano-X API. (more…)

Sony embeds Linux in whiz-bang universal remote

July 29, 2004

Sony has used Linux in a $700 universal remote with a color LCD touchscreen display and a host of gee-whiz features. The RM-NX7000 “Navitus Remote Commander” replaces most any infrared remote after sniffing its beam, and can control stereos, TVs, DVDs, satellite receivers, and more. (more…)

CPCI SBC supports 1.8 GHz Pentium M, runs embedded Linux

July 29, 2004

Kontron has upgraded its CompactPCI (CPCI) single-board computer (SBC) to Intel's new 1.8 GHz Pentium M 745 processor. The 1.8 GHz Pentium M offers performance equivalent to a 2.8 GHz “Office Intel Pentium Processor,” but it can be passively cooled because power dissipation is reduced by roughly 50 percent, according to Kontron. (more…)

Device profile: Sony Navitus universal remote control

July 29, 2004

Sony has used Linux in a $700 universal remote control with a high-resolution color LCD touchscreen display and a host of gee-whiz features. The RM-NX7000 “Navitus Remote Commander” can replace most any infrared remote after receiving its beam, and can control stereo components, TVs, DVDs, satellite receivers, and more. (more…)

Real-time Linux heats up rugged XScale PC/104 CPU board

July 28, 2004

An extended temperature Arcom PC/104 board based on a 400MHz Intel XScale processor now supports a hard, real-time Linux operating system from FSMLabs. Arcom is now supplying the Viper board with an evaluation version of RTLinuxPro, and FSMLabs will also distribute the board with RTLinuxPro preinstalled. (more…)

SDK combines Linux with RTOS for telecom/datacom apps

July 28, 2004

Enea is shipping a packaged SDK (software development kit) for telecom and datacom equipment makers that includes embedded Linux, a proprietary RTOS (real-time operating system), and tools to help the two operating systems work together on complex multi-processor systems. The “Orchestra” SDK also includes a graphical IDE (integrated development environment) that works with both OSes, and a real-time… (more…)

Windows, Linux grapple in Great Gadget Smack-Down!

July 27, 2004

Impassioned battles between Linux and Windows partisans are no longer confined to the desktop and server arenas. With the growing ubiquity of smart devices, the device arena offers action every bit as intense, justifying massive vendor technology investments, high-dollar PR campaigns, and generous helpings of technical hyperbole from both… (more…)

Graphical GNU toolsuite reinstates SuperH, adds NEC V85x

July 27, 2004

Microcross has added support for two more embedded processors to the newest version of its graphical tool suite based on the Slickedit IDE (integrated development environment) and GNU tools for Linux application development. Visual GNU X-Tools now once more supports Renesas SuperH chips and adds support for NEC V85x chips. (more…)

Motorola announces another Linux/Java phone

July 27, 2004

Motorola has announced its third mobile phone based on Linux and Java software. The A780 is expected to ship in Q4, 2004, and will woo enterprise and home users with features such as a PDA-like quarter-VGA color touchscreen, claimed 240Kbps GPRS data download speeds, Bluetooth networking and synchronization, PDF and Microsoft… (more…)

Next-gen NIC chips woo developers with Linux drivers

July 26, 2004

Siliquent has introduced two chips supporting 4GB and 10GB Ethernet, respectively, along with iWarp, iSCSI, and TCP/IP Offload. The SLQ1004 and SLQ1010 target equipment for unified Ethernet networks integrating LAN, remote storage, and IPC (inter-process communication) traffic. (more…)

PISA SBC powered by latest Intel mobile chips

July 26, 2004

Taiwan Commate Computer Inc (Commell) is shipping a half-sized PCI-ISA SBC (single board computer) available with fast and low-voltage versions of Intel's Pentium M and Celeron M processors. The HS-870P PISA board runs Linux and targets tough environment applications with high performance and low power requirements. (more…)

Silicon vendor offers Linux 2.6 distro for network infrastructure

July 26, 2004

Chipmaker IDT has revised the free Linux distribution for its MIPS-based “Interprise” embedded communications processors, which target a wide range of networking device applications. The distribution is now based on a preemptible 2.6-series Linux kernel and includes support for PCI Express and other advanced features, IDT says. (more…)

Open source IP services vendor nets $5M funding

July 26, 2004

Black Duck Software has closed a $5 million funding round, co-led by General Catalyst Partners and Flagship Ventures. The company, which sells open source software intellectual property (IP) management services to software developers and vendors, plans to use the money to hire key personnel and promote its “protexIP” services. (more…)

Online petition rallies developers around open standards

July 23, 2004

The Open Group, along with IBM, has published a 500-word, two-sentence document that it hopes developers will endorse. The “Developer Declaration of Independence” enjoins corporations, governments, organizations, and individuals to adopt and protect open standards in order to promote interoperability among all vendors and give IT customers freedom of choice. (more…)