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Claimed least-expensive thin clients run Linux

Jun 14, 2006 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 1 views

Devon IT is shipping a line of very low-cost thin clients based on 800MHz Via C3 processors and a Linux-based “DeTOS” OS. Priced from $150 to $250, the NTAVO NTA 6020-series clients support RDP, ICA, and X-clients, with Java, terminal emulation, and a local browser optional.

Devon IT says its Linux-based thin clients are the least expensive network computing devices available. The company's previous low-cost leader, the Ntavo NTA 6010A, also cost $150 and was based on a 433MHz Via processor.

Devon IT says its new Ntavo NTA 6020 line provides reliability, security, and performance features, along with support for the latest multimedia and web browsing capabilities. Touted NTA 6020 features include:

  • Supports 24-bit color displays up to 1280×1024
  • Full multimedia support with 4 x USB, 2 x serial, 2 x PS/2, VGA, and parallel ports
  • RDP, ICA and PXE capable
  • Displays Windows desktops, web browsers, and applications from multi-user Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Microsoft Server 2003
  • Displays Unix and Linux “X Window” applications
  • Integrated Web browser (select models)
  • Available with Ericom PowerTerm LTC, No Machine NX, VNC, Tarantella and SSH clients
  • Up to 512 MB memory, up to 512 MB flash memory
  • No moving parts (i.e. hard drive) to fail

Ntavo president Joe Makoid stated, “There is no question we offer the best prices in the market across our complete line of terminals.”


The Ntavo NTA 6020 devices are available now, priced from $150 to $250. They come standard with 0, 64, or 128MB of Flash, and either 128 or 256MB of RAM.

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