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Embedded Linux Distributions Quick Reference Guide (Part 4)

Aug 3, 1997 — by Rick Lehrbaum — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 10 views

Part 4: Recommended further reading

The following selected articles and whitepapers provide additional information about Embedded Linux distributions, techniques, and technologies . . .

  • Using Linux in Embedded and Real-time Systems — this… overview whitepaper explores the requirements of a wide range of embedded systems, from factory automation to handheld Internet appliances, and points the way to Linux based solutions.

  • Embedding Linux — this introductory whitepaper about using Linux in embedded applications explains why Linux has become increasingly popular as an embedded operating system, identifies some of its strengths and weaknesses relative to such applications, and describes the process of adapting Linux to the unique requirements of embedded systems and smart devices.

  • Right-sizing Linux for Embedded Devices — a presentation that summarizes ways to reduce the size of Linux to fit embedded systems, including reconfiguring the kernel and libraries, eliminating unneeded files and symbols, and selecting appropriate utilities.

  • My Linux is smaller than your Linux — this comparison of several small-footprint implementations of Linux, while by no means exhaustive in its review of available implementations, provides a good indication of what is possible.

  • Exploring Linux PDA software alternatives — the introduction to an article series that explores the history, status, alternative architectures, and future developments of Linux on PDAs and handheld devices. Provides an overview of three currently available PDA Linux distributions.

  • Building a low-cost router appliance with Embedded Linux — how to construct a compact router appliance based on embedded Linux, using an inexpensive Taiwan-manufactured set-top computer system.

  • Embedding Linux in a DiskOnChip — how to embed Linux and a small application in an M-Systems DiskOnChip solid-state Flash module (without violating the GPL). Includes a detailed, step-by-step process which can be used to create and test the embedded application.

  • Build DeJaneiro — a Browser-controlled MP3 Player — this article provides a detailed procedure for creating an MP3 player appliance based on Embedded Linux. The embedded software image (kernel, utilities, and application) is small enough to fit on a floppy or in a Flash chip.

  • Using M-Systems' DiskOnChip driver without violating GPL — this whitepaper describes a process that can be used to legally use M-Systems' proprietary driver without violating the Linux GPL license.

  • Embedding Linux in an EPROM — this article describes one way to run Linux in a diskless system. The approach was developed by Boeing Flight Test for an airborne display subsystem.

. . . and there are lots more articles and whitepapers on Embedded Linux topics here.

Also, be sure to consult the other Quick Reference Guides in this series, for information on additional aspects of your Embedded Linux system requirements . . .

  • The Embedded Linux Overview Quick Reference Guide — includes an introduction to Embedded Linux including a discussion of the features and benefits of using it, an index to the other sections of's Embedded Linux Quick Reference Guide series, and a reading list of recommended articles and whitepapers.

  • The Real-time Linux Quick Reference Guide — distributions and implementations of the Linux kernel, Linux add-ons, and other software that support the enhanced responsiveness required for process control, high speed communications, streaming media, and other real-time applications.

  • The Embedded Linux GUI/Windowing Quick Reference Guide — windowing and graphics software solutions that support Linux-based intelligent devices and embedded systems, including graphical user interfaces (GUIs), window managers, and browsers.

  • The Embedded Java+Linux Quick Reference Guide — the latest information on articles, whitepapers, products, and web resources relating to the growing use of Java technology within Linux-based embedded systems and intelligent devices.

  • The Linux-friendly System-on-Chip Quick Reference Guide — a survey of highly integrated system-on-chip processors that can be used as the basis of Linux-based embedded systems and devices.

  • The Linux-friendly Embedded Single Board Computers Quick Reference Guide — a tutorial and perspective on the rapidly diverging shapes, sizes, and architectures for embedded single-board computers (SBCs), and highlights the growing importance of Linux to the embedded SBC market. Popular embedded SBC form-factors are defined and described, and sources for product are identified.

  • The Linux-based “Cool Devices” Quick Reference Guide — a catalog of end products in which Linux serves as the embedded operating system, including PDAs, webpads, cell phones, set-top boxes, Internet appliances, entertainment appliances, and other intelligent devices.

  • The Linux-PDA and PDA-Linux Quick Reference Guide — a continually updated overview of available and developing support for Linux on PDAs. Includes PDAs that use Linux as their internal operating system, Linux-based operating system packages that support multiple PDAs, and a list of relevant articles for further reading.

Please note that these guides will be updated frequently, so be sure to check back periodically for the latest info. Additional guides will be added to this series on an ongoing basis.

— The End —

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