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Embedded Linux Expo and Conference announces program

May 30, 2001 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

San Clemente, CA — (press release excerpt) — The Embedded Linux Expo & Conference (ELEC) announces two days of technical conferences addressing a variety of new advancements in the application of embedded Linux; the the addition of a two-day Technical Tutorial covering fundamentals and advanced embedded Linux development; and two special events addressing issues foundational to the future of Linux.

Conference schedule

    Tuesday, June 26, 8:30am — 5:30pm

  • “KEYNOTE: Issues with Embedded Linux and the Open Source Movement — Bruce Perens, Linux Systems Operation Senior Advisor on Open Source and Linux, Hewlett-Packard
  • “Teaching Experienced Developers New Tricks” — Gene Robinson, President/CEO: I-Logix, Inc.
  • “Real-Time and Linux . . . What's Real-Time and How's Linux Not Real-Time” — Victor Yodaiken, President, FSMLabs
  • “User Interface and Performance Challenges on a Hardware-Constrained Device” — Brad LaRonde, President/CEO, Agenda Computing
  • “Home Networking Infrastructure with UPnP” — Rafael Kolic, Technical Marketing Manager, Intel Architecture Labs
  • “Designing For Multimedia Appliances Using Embedded Linux” — Phil Verghese, Founder/CTO, RidgeRun

    Wednesday June 27, 8:30am — 5:30pm

  • KEYNOTE: “Maneuvering the x86 in Tight Quarters” — Vaughan Pratt, Chairman, Tiqit Computers and Professor Emeritus, Stanford University
  • “The GNU Toolchain for Embedded Linux From the Newbies Perspective” — John E. Andrews, Senior Field Application Engineer, Triscend
  • “CORBA: Integrating Linux, Java and Traditional RTOS” — David Barnett, Vice President of Marketing, Highlander Engineering
  • “Embedded Linux — Passing Fad or Wave of the Future?” — Rick Lehrbaum, Executive Editor, ZDNet's
  • “Micro-Controller Linux: Linux Without an MMU” — Greg Ungerer, Chief Software Wizard, Lineo
  • “Transitioning from a Real-Time OS to a Modern, Embedded OS Architecture, Common Gotchas and Myths Explored” — Chip Downing, CEO, OnCore Systems
  • “RedBoot — A Bootstrap and Debug Environment for the Embedded World” — Gary Thomas, Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat


The Technical Tutorial begins on Monday June 25 th with a full day of embedded Linux fundamentals. The Monday tutorial explains how to build an embedded Linux system form the ground up promoting the use of open and free software available on the Web and assumes no prior Linux experience. At the conclusion of the Embedded Linux Fundamentals Tutorial, attendees will be able to build a complete Linux system using free software. As an example project, the course describes how to build a web server controlled embedded MP3 player based on Linux.

The Thursday, June 28 th tutorial addresses advanced Linux development skills. Prior Linux or Unix experience benefits attendees of the Embedded Linux Advanced Tutorial. (Embedded Linux Fundamental Tutorial is sufficient.) Topics covered include: embedded Linux GUI software such as MicroWindows and QT/Embedded, Linux device driver development, cross development for targets such as PowerPC and MIPS, making use of special small libraries such as uCLibc, file systems such as RomFS and CramFS, and booting off Flash.

Special Events

In addition to the Technical Tutorials to this year's San Jose event, ELEC is proud to host two don't miss special events on Tuesday, June 26. First, ELEC will host the controversial Panel Discussion: Software Patents, Licenses, Open Source, Closed Source: Legal Issues Important to You at 1:00pm. Also, Tuesday evening at 7:00pm, don't miss the open-forum meeting of the Embedded Linux Consortium. They will discuss the Embedded Linux Standardization Working Group's progress.

Expo (Tuesday, June 26 ONLY)

In addition to the technical presentations, major suppliers of technologies and products useful to developers of Linux-based embedded systems will participate in the exhibition (Tuesday June 26), providing product demonstrations and answering attendees technical questions. An exhibitor list can be obtained here.

About the Embedded Linux Expo & Conference (ELEC)

The Embedded Linux Expo & Conference (ELEC) is the world's first expo and conference to exclusively target the use of the popular open-source Linux operating system in embedded applications. In its second year, ELEC features a two full days of technical presentations by CEOs, CTOs, and other senior technical experts of leading embedded Linux companies, on issues and challenges associated with integrating Linux and Linux-related technologies into embedded system applications. In addition to the technical presentations, suppliers of technologies and products useful to developers of Linux-based embedded systems will be on-hand in the Expo portion of the event, providing product demonstrations and answering attendees' technical questions. ELEC attracts engineers, project managers, and design teams developing a broad range of embedded systems incorporating Linux and related technologies. Typical applications range from moderate to high performance fixed and mobile computing needs, and include: smart appliances, gaming, set-top boxes, medical equipment, defense/aerospace systems, industrial control/automation, transportation systems, instrumentation, and data acquisition.

Further information about the upcoming Embedded Linux Expo & Conference in San Jose is available online, here.

Other ELEC events this year are as follows: Boston, MA, October 2-3; Milan, Italy, November 26-29.

For information on exhibiting in the ELEC Expo, contact: Western US and Europe: Ruby Brower at (949) 226-2024 or [email protected]; Eastern US and Canada: Lucien Long at (707) 877-1771 or [email protected]

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