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Motorola goes glam with Korea-targeted Android phone

Aug 4, 2010 — by Eric Brown — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 3 views

Motorola says it's now shipping a smartphone running Android 2.1 for SK Telecom in Korea. The Moto Glam is equipped with a 3.7-inch, 854 x 480 pixel touchscreen, a five-megapixel camera with dual LED flash and 720p video recording capabilities, plus Wi-Fi, GPS, and an HDMI output, the company says.

Like the almost identical Moto Qrty, a QWERTY slider model announced last month (see farther below), as well as the Motoroi phone that was released earlier this year, the Moto Glam runs Android and is shipping on SK Telekom's South Korean network.

Moto Glam

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The Moto Glam's 3.7-inch, 854 x 480 touchscreen mimics the specs of the Motoroi, but instead of the Motoroi's eight-megapixel camera, the Glam offers only a five-megapixel model, albeit with dual LED flash. The Moto Glam can display and record 720p video, and supports DivX and XviD formats, says Motorola.

The device runs Android 2.1 on an unstated processor, and is equipped with 512MB SDRAM and 1GB of NAND flash, says Motorola. An 8GB microSD card is also said to be provided.

The Moto Glam's wireless features include a 3G cellular radio, 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, and GPS, says Motorola. Wired ports, meanwhile, are said to include USB 2.0, HDMI, and a 3.5mm headset jack.

The Moto Glam measures 4.72 x 2.43 x 0.46 inches (120 x 61.8 x 11.6mm) and weighs 4.8 ounces (136.5 g), says Motorola. The device is said to run on a 1390/1420 mAh battery.

The Moto Glam runs Android 2.1, which makes a 2.2 upgrade likely, although none was mentioned. Among other software highlights, the Glam is one of a small — but growing — number of smartphones to support DLNA network discovery and streaming media support.

Google applications are said to include Google Maps, Gmail, Talk, Search, and Android Market. The Glam also pre-loads SK Telekom apps for music, location-based services, and augmented reality, says Motorola.

Moto Qrty

Released in early July, the Moto Qrty is a QWERTY slider phone that appears to be almost identical to the Moto Glam except for its keyboard, which makes it thicker than the Glam at 4.56 x 2.36 x 0.54 inches (115.8 x 60 x 13.7mm) as well as heavier, at six ounces (170 g). The Moto Qrty also has a squarer appearance, giving it more of a broad-shouldered, macho "Droid" look compared to the curvy, iPhone-like Moto Glam.

Moto Qrty

In addition, the Moto Qrty offers half the RAM (256MB) and half the internal flash (512MB) of the Glam. Otherwise, hardware details and software (Android 2.1) appear to be identical, although it's possible the lower memory allotment is combined with a lower-powered processor. Like the Moto Glam and the Motoroi, the Moto Qrty is available on SK Telekom.


No pricing information was provided on the Moto Glam or Moto Qrty, which are available now in South Korea on SK Telekom. More information on both phones may be found here.

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