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Archive for April, 2002

May, 2002 Embedded Linux Journal now online

April 30, 2002 (a joint project of and Embedded Linux Journal) has published the online version of the May, 2002 edition of the Embedded Linux Journal. As usual, the new issue is filled with interesting and informative articles on embedded Linux technologies and projects, including . (more…)

FSMLabs releases RTLinux/Pro DevKit 1.1

April 30, 2002

Socorro, NM — (press release excerpt) — FSMLabs Inc. announces the immediate availability of RTLinux/Pro DevKit 1.1, a 'no-frills', ready-to-run system for developing and deploying real-time and embedded applications. (more…)

Samba Team responds to Microsoft patent/licensing FUD

April 30, 2002

An announcement from Samba . . .

A recent document released by Microsoft has led to some concern within the Samba community regarding patents and licensing. The Samba Team wishes to reassure the Samba community that this document will not have any impact on the use or further development of Samba. (more…)

Linksys announces Linux-based ‘Wireless Presentation Gateway’

April 29, 2002

Irvine, CA — (press release excerpt) — Linksys today announced a 'first of a kind' Instant Wireless Presentation Gateway (WPG11), that enables wireless PC users to project PowerPoint presentations and other data onto VGA-equipped devices such as multimedia projectors, monitors, and LCD panels without having to physically wire each PC to the projector. (more…)

Survey cites lack of web services standards

April 29, 2002

Santa Cruz, CA — (press release excerpt) — Evans Data Corp. today announced findings from its North American Developer Survey indicating developers are much more likely to use Microsoft's .NET APIs or Sun's J2EE APIs for web services application to application integration than other methods but neither is dominant. (more…)

Learning to Use X11 [Linux Journal]

April 29, 2002

Philipp K. Janert provides a tutorial discussing how to use X11 'fully and effectively' in this online Linux Journal article . . . (more…)

SnapGear ports uClinux to Motorola ColdFire MCF5249

April 29, 2002

Salt Lake City, UT — (press release excerpt) — SnapGear engineer Greg Ungerer has completed uClinux support for the new Motorola MCF5249 ColdFire system-on-chip processor, specifically for the M5249C3 development board. Patches have been made available for 2.0.x and 2.4.x versions of uClinux kernels. (more…)

How to Make Money with Embedded Linux

April 27, 2002

In this guest column, John Drabik (former VP and CTO for Digital Media at Lineo) shares his ideas on how to successfully develop and market Embedded Linux toolkits and services — and make money. Drabik writes . . . (more…)

BusyBox 0.60.3 released

April 27, 2002

BusyBox maintainer Erik Andersen sent us this brief announcement of the release of BusyBox version 0.60.3 . . . (more…)

Article: How to Make Money with Embedded Linux

April 27, 2002

Recent events haven't been kind to the embedded world. After the bursting of the dot-com and Linux bubbles, many embedded Linux companies, prematurely expanded to nonprofitable levels by the prior year's venture capital investment excesses, were especially hard hit and went through multiple rounds of layoffs. (more…)

‘C# in a Nutshell’ released by O’Reilly

April 26, 2002

Sebastopol, CA — (press release excerpt) — Two years ago, there were no C# programmers; the language didn't exist (although reports of the new language had surfaced years before it was officially announced, which Microsoft consistently denied). Regardless of their level of programming expertise, C# programmers find themselves in the same boat: learning to master a language and a new platform in quick… (more…)

ELC: WorkGroup Meeting Results in Aggressive Plan, Officers, Agenda

April 26, 2002

An update from the Embedded Linux Consortium (ELC) on the first meeting of the Embedded Linux Platform Specification Core Working Group . . . (more…)

Mozilla loaded up for browser wars [ZDNet]

April 26, 2002

Rex Baldazo reviews the Mozilla browser version 1 candidate for ZDNet . . .

“We've waited more than four years for Mozilla, the Netscape-backed open-source browser–and we're still waiting for the completed version. But Mozilla has finally posted its official Release Candidate 1 (RC 1) and plans to release the final soon.” (more…)

Infineon’s fashion trend: Wearable chips [CNET]

April 26, 2002

CNET's John G. Spooner reports on the latest in wearable computer chip technology from Infineon. Spooner writes . . . (more…)

Techsol launches ARM/Linux contract engineering service

April 26, 2002

Delta, BC — (press release excerpt) — Techsol today announced the launch of a new web-based service of fixed-price contract engineering quotes. Techsol has geared this service towards small and mid-sized companies that cannot otherwise afford to migrate to ARM and Linux, and claims it can save up to 80% of development costs. (more…)