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Car PC puts Atom in single DIN slot

July 25, 2008

Portwell has introduced an interesting Intel Atom-based PC aimed at in-car entertainment. The PCS-8230 fits into a single DIN slot, offers TV tuner, WiFi, and GPS modules, has a SDIO slot and a 2.5-inch hard drive bay, and delivers six channels of analog audio, says Portwell. (more…)

Embedian spins MXM-based SBCs

July 25, 2008

Embedian announced two 3.5-inch single-board computers (SBCs) built around its Marvell PXA320-based MXM-8310 and MXM-8110 computer-on-modules (COMs). The XPC-8112 and XPC-8312 SBCs offer a variety of I/O, including Ethernet, USB, and serial ports, and ship with Debian Linux or Windows CE 5.0, says the company. (more…)

Debian maintainer calls for embedded input

July 24, 2008

With the next version of Debian frozen for release in September, eight of its 12 architectures risk exclusion. That's because, according to Debian Maintainer Luk Claes, in some cases “The architecture qualification pages on are still missing a LOT of information.”

In a (more…)

Via contracts open source leader as liaison

July 24, 2008

Via Technologies announced that it has contracted open source leader and OpenMoko Lead System Architrect Harald Welte as the company's Open Source Liaison. Welte will be responsible for helping refine Via's open-source strategy and ensure close collaboration with the open-source development community, says the company. (more…)

“Handheld recording studio” mixes with Linux

July 24, 2008

Trinity Audio Group is taking orders for a handheld multi-track recording device that runs Linux. The Indamixx integrates the 64Studio Linux music distribution with an off-the-shelf Samsung handheld, so audio producers can record, edit, equalize, audition, and mix audio at up to 32-bit/96Khz rates on-the-go, the… (more…)

Pentium M SoC takes wing

July 24, 2008

Intel has launched a system-on-chip (SoC) processor that integrates typical northbridge and southbridge functions with a Pentium M core clocked up to 1.2GHz. Targeting storage, networking, automotive, and industrial applications, the single-chip Intel EP80579 (formerly “Tolapai”) optionally boasts an ultra-highspeed… (more…)

Mobile Linux conference keynotes announced

July 23, 2008

Keynote speakers have been announced for the Mobile Linux Conference taking place during the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo on Aug. 5-7th. Speakers include Linux Pundit's Bill Weinberg, Motorola's Christy Wyatt, Intel's Ram Peddibholta (pictured), and a panel with executives from Access, Funambol, Sprint, and Sun. (more…)

Debian Linux installer for NAS devices goes beta

July 23, 2008

Former Debian project leader Martin Michlmayr is beta-testing a “debian-installer” for devices based on Marvell's Feroceon architecture. The installer works with the upcoming “Lenny” release of Debian (currently “testing”), and is tested with Qnap Systems's TS-109, TS-209, and TS-409 Pro Turbo… (more…)

Industrial PCs support real-time Linux extensions

July 23, 2008

German industrial PC vendor Janz Automationssysteme AG is now supporting the RTAI and Xenomai Linux real-time extensions for its latest industrial computers. Systems supporting the real-time extensions include Debian Etch Linux versions of its new emPC-M (pictured at left) and similar display-enabled emView embedded computers. (more…)

Free webinar to unlock secrets of the Atom

July 22, 2008

MontaVista Software will present a free webinar on the Intel Atom processor (pictured). Developed in cooperation with Intel, the July 30 webinar will provide tips on power management and programming techniques for embedded Linux applications using the… (more…)

Cortex-A8 runs Linux-friendly hypervisor

July 22, 2008

French embedded virtualization firm Trango Virtual Processors is demonstrating a version of its virtualization technology that supports the Texas Instruments OMAP3 line of system-on-chip (SoC) processors. The Linux-ready Trango Hypervisor is being demo'd on the mobile-phone targeted OMAP3430 at Expo Comm Wireless Japan this week. (more…)

Linux mini-PC takes two Watts to tango

July 22, 2008

A Silicon Valley startup called CherryPal announced a two-Watt, $250 ultra-mini PC that runs Debian Linux. Based on a 400MHz PowerPC-based system-on-chip (SoC) from Freescale, the solid-state CherryPal C100 Desktop offers managed “cloud” computing paid for by advertising rather than a monthly fee. (more…)

Linux switch vendor sued over GPL

July 22, 2008

The Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) has filed yet another copyright infringement lawsuit on behalf of the developers of the Linux-based BusyBox utility suite. This time the lawsuit claims that networking vendor Extreme Networks violated redistribution stipulations of the GNU General Public License (GPL). (more…)

Intel rev’s tools for multi-core C++

July 22, 2008

Intel released a new version of its Linux-compatible, open source library for multi-core C++ development. Version 2.1 of Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB) offers performance improvements, adds a portable affinity mechanism, and improves the task scheduler to ease development for GUIs, network I/O, and artificial intelligence, says Intel. (more…)

Linux vendor promotes marketing VP

July 21, 2008

MontaVista Software announced that Joerg Bertholdt has been promoted to vice president of marketing. A 15-year veteran in the embedded industry, Bertholdt (pictured) previously worked at Crossbow Technology and Wind River, and will now report directly to MontaVista CEO Rusty Harris, says the company. (more…)