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PICMG board offers six RAID-ready SATA ports

Dec 2, 2010 — by Eric Brown — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 2 views

Axiomtek announced a PICMG 1.3 single board computer (SBC) that supports Intel Xeon, Core i5/i3, and Pentium processors. The SHB105 offers up to 8GB of unbuffered ECC DDR3 memory, PCI Express and PCI expansion, six RAID-enabled SATA connectors, dual gigabit Ethernet ports, and 12 USB 2.0 ports.

Like Axiomtek's 2008-issue SHB102 SBC and this year's SHB111, the SHB105 supports the PICMG 1.3 form-factor as well as the SHB (Sundance High speed Bus) standard. The 13.3 x 4.96-inch boards offer PCI Express (PCIe) x16, PCIe x4, and PCI expansion, as well as four of the 12 USB 2.0 ports via various SHB connectors.


While the SHB111 offered Socket G support for Intel Core i5 and i3 processors as well as Celeron CPUs, the new SHB105 offers an LGA1156 socket that also supports Core i5/i7, but swaps the Celeron support for Pentium support. In addition, it enables the use of Intel Xeon processors, including the latest quad-core Intel Xeon 3400, says Axiomtek.

The SHB105 has room for two unbuffered ECC DDR3 1066/1333MHz DIMMs, offering up to 8GB of memory. An Intel 3450 chipset is also included in place of the previous model's Intel QM57 Express chipset.

The SHB105 features a Trusted Platform Module 1.2, as well as Intel Active Management (iAMT) 6.0 technology "for higher security and easier maintenance," says Axiomtek. Other supported Intel technologies are said to include Intel virtualization technology, turbo boost mode, and hyper-threading.

As a result, the SHB105 "is ideal for security applications and network-intensive applications such as NVR, DVR, and visual inspection instruments, says the company.

SHB105 port detail

(Click to enlarge)

The SHB105 is notable for offering six SATA ports with RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 functionality, as well as SATA transfer rates of up to 3Gbps. A VGA port is standard, but customers can opt to move up to a DisplayPort option, says Axiomtek.

The board offers dual gigabit Ethernet ports with wake-on-LAN and PXE boot ROM. In addition, one of the ports is tuned for iAMT 6.0, says the company.

Only two of the 12 USB 2.0 ports are external real-world ports. As noted, four are offered via SHB connectors, and six more are available via pin headers. Other I/O is said to include dual COM ports, audio I/O, PS/2 ports, an LPT port, and a floppy disk drive (FDD) port.

The SHB105 is compatible with Axiomtek's PICMG 1.3 full-size passive backplanes, says Axiomtek. Industrial housing enclosures and integration support are said to be offered as options.

Features and specifications listed for the SHB105 include:

  • Processor — LGA1156 socket for Intel Xeon, Core i5/i3, or Pentium; Intel 3450 chipset
  • Memory — up to 8GB unbuffered ECC DDR3 1066/1333MHz RAM via 2 x DIMMs
  • Expansion:
    • PCIe x16 via SHB connector-A and -B
    • PCIe x4 (or 4 x PCIe x1) via SHB connector-A
    • PCI with 4 x bus masters via SHB connector-D
  • Storage — 6 x SATA-300 ports with RAID 0/1/10/5
  • Display — VGA port; optional DisplayPort
  • Networking — 2 x gigabit Ethernet ports with wake-on-LAN, PXE boot ROM; one port supports iAMT 6.0
  • USB — 12 x USB 2.0 ports including:
    • 2 x rear I/O ports
    • 6 x via pin headers
    • 4 x via SHB connector-C
  • Other I/O:
    • 1 x FDD
    • 1 x PS/2 keyboard
    • 1 x PS/2 mouse
    • 1 x LPT with SPP/EPP/ECP support
    • 1 x RS-232/422/485 (COM 1)
    • 1 x RS-232 (COM 2)
  • Audio — HD codec audio (Realtek ALC662) with mic, line-in, line-out, and speaker-out
  • Other features — TPM 1.2; iAMT 6.0; hardware monitoring; SMBus; watchdog timer; smart fan
  • Power (on 3.3GHz Core i5):
    • +5V_SBY @ 23mA, +3.3V @ 1.372A, +5V @ 1.548A
    • +12V (system) @ 158mA, -12V @ 28mA
    • +12V (CPU) @ 1.809A
    • Lithium 3V/196mAh battery
  • Temperature — 32 to 140 deg. F (0 to 60 deg. C)
  • Dimensions — 13.3 x 4.96 inches (338 x 126mm); PICMG 1.3


The SHB105 will be available around the middle of January, 2011, says Axiomtek, which did not list pricing. As for operating system support, the company touts the card for "meeting all current requirements for Windows 7." This does not, however, appear to be the only OS supported, as previous Axiomtek SHB boards have run Linux.

More information may be found on Axiomtek's product page for the SHB105, here.

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