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Archive for April, 2002

Article: Presentation: Choosing an Embedded Linux

April 24, 2002

This is the slide presentation given by John Lombardo (author of Embedded Linux, published by New Riders) at the Embedded Linux Expo & Conference (ELEC) held in Reston, VA during November, 2001. Quoting from the introduction . . . (more…)

Linux turns the lights on with X10 [NewsForge]

April 23, 2002

Russell Pavlicek explains how to use Linux to control home automation in this article at . . . (more…)

Emulate This!, Part 3 [Linux Journal]

April 23, 2002

In part three of an online series at Linux Journal, Marcel Gagné provides a tutorial on 'Bochs' hardware emulator. Gagné writes . . . (more…)

Update on Lineo recapitalization

April 23, 2002

Lineo CEO Matt Harris issued the following update today regarding Lineo's ongoing recapitalization process and new funding status . . . (more…)

Symbian opens OS source code [ZDNet]

April 23, 2002

Matthew Broersma reports on Symbian's announcement to open up its mobile embedded operating system's source code to more developers to 'encourage the creation of more software for the platform.' The Symbian OS is popular as the embedded operating system used within mobile phones. Broersma writes . . . (more…)

ELJonline: Brian writes about his BOEL

April 23, 2002

In this technical article at ELJonline, Brian Elliott Finley reveals the software-shrinking secrets of his single-floppy Linux, called Brian's Own Embedded Linux (“BOEL”). Finley developed BOEL as part of a project to develop a tool for distributing live updates to client systems. The process involves booting the client machines in a manner such that their hard disks are not in use, and are therefore… (more…)

Compile-farm tool speeds GNU C/C++ compilation up to 14X

April 23, 2002

Santa Clara, CA and Oslo, Norway –(press release excerpt) — Trolltech today unveiled Teambuilder, a network-based utility that significantly speeds software compilation tasks, saving developers considerable wasted time. Teambuilder will be demonstrated in booth number 1026 at the Software Development Conference and Expo at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA, April 22 to 26. (more…)

Advanced filesystem implementor’s guide, Part 10 [developerWorks]

April 23, 2002

With the 2.4 release of Linux come many new filesystem possibilities, including Reiserfs, XFS, GFS, and others. These filesystems sound cool, but what exactly can they do, what are they good at, and exactly how do you go about safely using them in a production Linux environment? Daniel Robbins answers these questions by showing you how to set up these new advanced filesystems under Linux 2.4. (more…)

Zaurus enhanced calendar available

April 23, 2002

An announcement from . . . has announced tkcCalendar, an enhanced replacement to the calendar included in the Zaurus. When you install it, the default calendar will be moved out of the way (it is moved back when/if you uninstall). This means that your original data is preserved and there is no interruption with synchronization. (more…)

Trolltech’s ‘ActiveQt’ brings ActiveX to Qt-based apps

April 23, 2002

Santa Clara, CA and Oslo, Norway — (press release excerpt) — Trolltech today announced the debut of ActiveQt, a new framework designed to help Qt developers speed and simplify the use of ActiveX controls in Qt applications, and to more easily create their own ActiveX servers. Qt, Trolltech's popular C++, multi-platform application framework, lets developers create single-source applications that run… (more…)

CodeWarrior supports Tao’s ‘intent’ media platform

April 22, 2002

Austin, TX –(press release excerpt) — Metrowerks is shipping a new set of tools that enables application and content development for Tao Group's 'intent', a high performance, portable media platform for consumer devices. (more…)

TI announces wireless development SDK for OMAP

April 22, 2002

Dallas, TX –(press release excerpt) — Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) announced today that wireless software developers and device manufacturers will soon be able to create and showcase innovative applications for 2.5G and 3G mobile phones, PDAs, and mobile Internet devices using a versatile new development kit for TI's OMAP processing platform. (more…)

High availability data management solution supports Linux devices

April 22, 2002

Mountain View, CA — (press release excerpt) — Solid Information Technology Corp. announced today the availability of the third-generation of the Solid FlowEngine high-availability, fault-tolerant distributed data management solution. Solid FlowEngine supports the modern distributed enterprise and enables networking manufacturers to provide leading-edge products that power next-generation smart networks. (more…)

IBM middleware for Linux CD-set give-away

April 22, 2002

An announcement to the Linux developer community from IBM . . .

The latest IBM middleware for Linux (DB2 Universal Database, WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Studio Application Developer, and Lotus Domino) is being provided, at no cost, on a 2 CD set, along with Web… (more…)

Sun’s ‘Grid Engine’ now included in SuSE’s Linux

April 22, 2002

Santa Clara, CA — (press release excerpt) — Marking the industry's first Linux distribution of a key enabling grid technology from a major systems vendor, Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced that Grid Engine 5.3 software is now being distributed by SuSE Linux in the new release of SuSE Linux 8.0 Professional Edition. (more…)