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Linux-friendly virtualization software adds PowerPC support

Apr 15, 2008 — by Eric Brown — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 2 views

VirtualLogix announced that its VLX virtualization software will be available for Power Architecture processors. VLX for Network Infrastructure (VLX-NI) will now enable PowerPC processors to simultaneously run multiple operating systems — typically Linux and a real-time OS (RTOS) — for performance-critical telecom and datacom applications.

Specifically, “VLX-NI, supporting Power Architecture” supports Freescale PowerQUICC processors and IBM PowerPC 750 CPUs (see respective block diagrams below). Previously, VLX-NI has supported processors from Intel and Texas Instruments.

VLX-NI 3.0 architecture

VirtualLogix's VLX products, which also include the VLX-DM (digital media) product targeting set-top boxes (STBs), and a VLX-MH (mobile handset) version, combine a compact scheduler with various nanokernel components, in order to share system hardware resources between multiple heterogeneous operating system instances. The company claims that the technology helps reduce bill-of-material costs while encouraging legacy OS/application reuse, software failure containment, resource utilization, and license segregation.

VirtualLogix points specifically to the potential for creating virtualization-based multi-service business gateways that combine previously separate Internet access devices (IADs), router switches, security appliances, and IP PBX boxes. VLX-NI can accomplish this integration without compromising the system's deterministic real-time behavior, claims the company.

IBM's 750CL
(Click to enlarge)

In December, VirtualLogix received an investment from TI, and the companies also announced that they would collaborate on a future Linux-based virtualization technology using TI processors, with an apparent focus on wireless applications and network access devices. Two weeks ago, VirtualLogix announced version 3.0 of VLX-NI, which adds support for VT-d (virtualization technology for directed I/O) from Intel, another equity investor in the company. VLX-NI 3.0 also adds support for Microsoft Windows guests and Intel's Core Microarchitecture 3.0. At the same time, the company upgraded its VLX-Developer suite of Eclipse-based set-up, configuration, and optimization tools, to version 2.0, adding an improved graphical interface.

Freescale's MPC8544E PowerQUICC processor
(Click to enlarge)

Stated Mark Milligan, VP of marketing, VirtualLogix, “More and more organizations are caught in product release delays, causing exponentially higher budgets. VLX for Network Infrastructure virtualization addresses these concerns head on, delivering software that adds the power of multicore CPUs in a single processor environment.”


VirtualLogix did not provide information on pricing or availability of the PowerPC-compatible version of VLX-NI 3.0. More information on VLX-NI, supporting Power Architecture may be available here.

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