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Linux humanoid robot on French TV

Feb 26, 2007 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 11 views

A Linux-powered humanoid robot has been interviewed on 8-Fi, a French television magazine devoted to new technology. The hour-long show features Aldebaran Robotics's Nao robot conversing with company president Bruno Maisonnier, followed by a panel discussion on the state of robotics by several French… robotics experts.

(Click for larger view of Nao)

Nao stands 21.6 inches tall and implements 23 degrees of freedom, including gripping hands, according to Aldebaran. It runs Linux and comes with PC software that enables users to control their android remotely, via WiFi. The software will also enable users to program their android's behavior, emotional expressions, speech synthesizer, and other capabilities, or collect data from its onboard video camera and other sensors, the company says.

Nao made its film debut in January, when it waved to the public from a video on the company's website, wishing viewers a Happy New Year, and promising to “See you soon,” in French-accented English.

In the new 8-Fi footage, Nao converses briefly with Maisonnier in French, using hand gestures for emphasis, before performing a short song and dance number while its colored facial LEDs flash light blue to indicate its mood. Later, Sony's Aibo dog robot is shown performing a similar song and dance, followed by brief demonstrations of several other robots.

The 8-Fi show, moderated by Dominique Delport, also features a panel discussion with various robotics experts, including Jean-Christophe Baillie of Gostai, Jerome Damelincourt of European robot store Robopolis, and fannysparty technology blogger Fanny Bouton. Currently, the video is in French. However, Aldebaran is working on a version with English subtitles, which may eventually be found here.

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