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Euro Linux device conference announces speakers

Oct 8, 2008 — by Eric Brown — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

Registration has opened for the second annual Consumer Electronics Linux Forum (CELF) Embedded Linux Conference Europe (ELCE). Set for Nov. 6-7 in Ede, The Netherlands, ELCE will offer keynotes from Harald Welte and the Linux kernel's new “embedded maintainer,” Intel's David Woodhouse.

(Click for larger view of the Hotel de Reehorst)

Held at the Hotel de Reehorst (pictured above), Europe's largest embedded Linux conference will cover a wide range of topics including power management, licensing, wireless networking, security, graphics, mobile applications, and payment systems, says CELF. As noted in CELF's call for papers earlier this year, the conference will be held in conjunction with the NLUUG Autumn Conference on Mobile Computing. The NLUUG is an association of professional open source and open standards users in the Netherlands.

Harald Welte

On the opening day, Harald Welte (pictured) will give a keynote entitled “How chip makers should (not) support free software.” The speech will discuss the issue of why so many silicon manufacturers completely misunderstand open source software, and the Linux development model, says the abstract. The result of this incomprehension, he writes, results in too many “binary-only drivers for certain kernel versions and/or distributions,” as well as “unmaintained, non-portable, coding style-incompliant open source drivers for outdated kernel versions.” Presumably, Welte, who has worked on a variety of Linux open source projects over the years, including OpenEZX and OpenMoko, will provide some tips on how he is currently advising Via in its effort to start open-sourcing its chipsets.

The following day, David Woodhouse, who works at the Intel Open Source Technology Center, will speak on “Embedded maintainers: Community and Embedded Linux.” In May, Woodhouse and Paul Gortmaker were appointed as the first two official “embedded maintainers” of Linux, joining many other “maintainers” who oversee different aspects of the kernel. Yet, the role is also unique, Woodhouse points out in his abstract. “The 'embedded maintainer' role isn't like other maintainers in the kernel — we don't own a certain section of the code and just act as gatekeeper and arbiter of taste for it,” he writes. “It's more about bringing people together and getting them to collaborate better.”

Thomas Gleixner

Over 30 presentations will be given at the event, in addition to the NLUUG presentations. Presentations and speakers include:

  • Thomas Gleixner (pictured, right), maintainer of the x86 kernel architecture, will report on this year's kernel summit.
  • Bas Engel of Philips will describe Linux use in digital televisions.
  • Tim Bird of Sony, and CELF Architecture Group Chair, will give tips for fast-booting the Linux kernel.
  • Vitaly Wool of Embedded Alley will discuss embedded display technology and flash memory optimization and tuning.
  • Stefan Seyfried of SUSE will describe suspend modes and Linux power management.

Additional session topics include:

  • JTAG for driver debugging
  • Ubuntu on ARM
  • uClinux on small micros
  • BlueZ 4.0
  • E-paper displays
  • Filesystems for flash storage
  • Adventures in real-time performance
  • Solar hot water geekery


Registration for the CELF Embedded Linux Conference Europe, on November 6-7 in Ede, The Netherlands, Hotel de Reehorst, is priced at 320 Euros (about $440 US) for a commercial registration or 80 Euros (about $110) for hobbyists. There is also a 15 Euros ($20) fee for an opening night “dinner with the penguins.” All prices include VAT, and registration also provides access to NLUUG. The first 50 ELC Europe registrations will receive a free gift, say the organizers.

More information and registration forms may be found here.

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