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Free embedded Linux videos posted

Mar 18, 2009 — by Eric Brown — from the LinuxDevices Archive — 4 views

Free Electrons has posted free videos of this year's FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting). Videos likely to interest embedded Linux developers include presentations on Wt, OpenWRT, Bug Labs, PTXdist, Hackable:1, Linux-based fire-safety and security, OMAP3… power management, Emdebian, and CMake.

The FOSDEM conference took place Feb. 7-8 in Brussels, Belgium. It attracted developers working on a wide variety of open source projects, including GNOME, Mozilla, Free Java, and various embedded projects.

FOSDEM 2009's Embedded track was said to have been given the largest room at the event, with a capacity of 500. Aside from the topics below, embedded sessions included talks on OpenWRT, 1-wire in solar apps, and more.

Bug Labs Bugbase
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All of the below videos cover embedded topics except for CMake. In particular, Free Electrons recommends the videos on PTXdist, OMAP3 power management, and Emdebian:

  • “Wt, a C++ web toolkit, for rich web interfaces to embedded systems,” by Pieter Libin (Noesis Solutions) — The Wt C++ Web application generator is based in part on Qt.
  • “Hacking with modular hardware: the Bug,” by Ken Gilmer (Bug Labs) — Bug Labs's open-source, mix-and-match computing modules are now available for GPS, WiFi, webcam, and various I/O lines.
  • “Building embedded Linux systems with PTXdist,” by Robert Schwebel (Pengutronix) — Similar to rival Buildroot, PTXdist is a system building tool that can ease cross-compiling woes when working with embedded Linux systems.
  • “Development on the OpenMoko with Hackable:1,” by Pierre Pronchery (Bearstech) — Inside Hackable:1, a new, more “hackable” Debian-based Linux distribution for the Openmoko NeoFreerunner.
  • “Development and certification of Linux-based fire safety and security systems,” by Baurzhan Ismagulov (Siemens) — A Germany-focused looks at Linux in mission-critical situations.
  • “Maemo on BeagleBoard,” by Juha Kallionen (Nokia) — Yes folks, Maemo 5.0 can run on a Texas Instruments (TI) OMAP3-based BeagleBoard.
  • “Advanced power management for OMAP3,” by Peter De Schrijver (Nokia) — How power management features of TI's OMAP3 architecture can be used by the Linux kernel.

    Alexander Neundorf

  • “Emdebian 1.0 release — small and super small Debian,” by Neil Williams (Debian) — Williams (pictured at top) discusses Emdebian Crush and Emdebian Grip, two different approaches for making Debian more suitable for embedded systems.
  • “CMake — what can it do for your project,” by Alexander Neundorf — This introduction to the cross-platform, open-source CMake make system is full of examples and demonstrations.
Free Electrons is best-known to LinuxDevices readers for the free videos it produces at relevant conferences, such as the 32 videos that were recently released covering CELF's ELCE conference last November. The company also offers embedded Linux system and kernel development services, and offers embedded Linux training classes. It publishes and maintains its training materials under an open source license.


The FOSDEM videos are available now for free download, at this Free Electrons page.

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