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Nine from IBM – Wireless robots, emulator-friendly code, Ant . . .

Dec 28, 2004 — by Henry Kingman — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

IBM has published the following technical articles, tutorials, and downloads on its developerWorks Website. They cover a range of interesting (though not necessarily embedded) technical topics. Some require free registration. Enjoy . . . !

  • Rise and Evolvement of the Machines — Systems architect and engineer Judith Myerson explains the ins and outs of wireless robots: their components, their shortcomings, and how they can interact in a competitive or cooperative team within professional environments. Learn how smarter robots can relieve us of the most tedious — and dangerous - tasks.
  • Emulator-friendly Linux code — Computers have been emulating other computers for a long time, often to access a legacy application or to use applications written for a popular OS on a system with a more stable, responsive OS. As Linux grows in popularity, developers need to examine their options when planning binaries that will run on non-Linux systems.
  • Implications for Power Architecture — Major electronics companies have come together to form a new standards body focused on Power Architecture technology. will create and promote a family of standards, reference designs, and more. Here's a developer's-eye view of the future and implications for Power Architecture standardization.
  • Derby database development with Apache Ant — The open source Derby database engine provides developers with a powerful new tool for lightweight database development. Derby databases are file system based and portable across different types of systems. Because of this, a common strategy is to create databases at development time and ship them with the binary distribution as opposed to having it created on the fly.
  • Ant scripting with Groovy — The ubiquity and utility of Ant as a build tool for Java projects is virtually unsurpassed. Even Maven, the new, upstart utility in the build arena, owes much of its power to lessons learned from Ant. This article introduces Groovy's builder utility, which makes it especially easy to combine Groovy with Ant and Maven for more expressive and controllable builds.
  • HA Reliability for Your Messaging Middleware — In the second of five installments on implementing middleware in high availability configurations, learn how to install and configure IBM WebSphere MQ messaging middleware on a heartbeat cluster, providing failover capability in the event of a system malfunction.
  • Craft a load-balancing cluster with ClusterKnoppix — The cluster, a collection of computers that work together, is an important concept in leveraging computing resources because of its ability to transfer workload from an overloaded system (or node) to another system in the cluster. This article explains how to set up a load-balancing Linux cluster using Knoppix-based LiveCDs.
  • Geographically dispersed grid, Part 4This article wraps up the series, which has been examining performance challenges when a grid is distributed across a number of geographically dispersed sites.
  • Great moments in microprocessor history — The microprocessor changed the world: how did we get from the first 4-bit models in the 1970s to today's 64-bit multicore monsters? This article covers the history of the micro from the vacuum tube to today's dual-core multithreaded madness.

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