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Embedded Linux presentations available for viewing

Apr 26, 2007 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive — views

A growing list of presentations from the Consumer Electronics Linux Forum (CELF) conference earlier this month is being collected at the CELF WiKi. The event featured 52 deeply technical presentations, many describing original kernel development projects aimed at improving Linux for use in devices.

A complete list of presentations can be found on the CELF WiKi page, here. So far about half the presentations are available.

Additionally, LinuxDevices has received permission to host many of the presentations, to ensure long-term availability (can you tell our roots are in the single-board computer industry?). Enjoy . . . !

Session Presenter Presentation
Keynote: Embedded Linux – An Increasing Nightmare? Thomas Gleixner, Also see the writeup and comments
Keynote: The State of the Linux Kernel Jonathan Corbet corbet-kernel.pdf or online
X (Not On The Desktop) Matthew Allum .
The use of JTAG in Linux Bring-up Mike Anderson JTAG-Anderson.pdf
Kernel Probes for ARM Quentin Barnes kprobes_for_ARM-ELC2007.pdf
Kernel Probes for MIPS, ARM and PPC32 Tim Bird Kernel_Probes_for_MIPS_ARM_and_PPC32-ELC2007.pdf
How to Participate in the Kernel Development Process Jonathan Corbet corbet-dev-process.pdf or online
TimeDoctor â€" Use the Strength of Eclipse to Visualize (Multi)Processor Execution Behavior Ruud Derwig TimeDoctor_ELC_20070417.pdf
Audio, Video and Graphics BOF Ruud Derwig .
Benchmarking of Dynamic Power Management Solutions Frank Dols Benchmarking-of-Dynamic-Power-Management-Solutions.pdf
SPlit Application architeCturE Bas Engel .
The Current Status of Timers and Realtime Support in the Kernel Thomas Gleixner celf-2007-rt.pdf
Power Management Techniques, Policies, and Problems for Embedded Linux Mark Gross CELF_ELC2007_mgross_PM_slide_set.pdf
Power Management BOF Mark Gross .
TomoyoLinux – A Lightweight and Manageable Security System for PC and Embedded Linux ToshiharuHarada, Tetsuo Handa elc2007-presentation-20070418.pdf (requires PDF 1.6 or later, flash object embedded), elc2007-presentation-20070418-for_linux.pdf (should work with most PDF readers)
How DirectFB Adopted Market Specific Requirements Takanari Hayama celf2007_directfb.pdf
Current State of Bluetooth Support in Linux Marcel Holtman elc2007_slides.pdf
System size BOF Jared Hulbert .
Realtime BOF – Realtime Preempt Patch Adaptation Experience (including Commercial Product) YungJoon Jung .
FancyPants â€" An Advanced 2D Graphics System for CE Linux Robi Karp fst-fancypants-celf2007.pdf – More information at:
Bootup Technologies BOF Elias Kesh BTWG-Discussion-Plenary2007.pdf
OpenEmbedded – Easy QA, Repeatability and Retargetting Koen Kooi Koen-ELC2007.pdf
Prelinker Usage for MIPS Cores Arvind Kumar, Kazu Hirata, Shinichi Tsurumoto Evaluation_of_MIPS_Prelinking.pdf
How To Protect Your Intellectual Property While Using Open Source Shawn Kwon .
Applying User-level Drivers on DTV System Gunho Lee .
A Generic Parameter Layer for Linux Power Management Matt Locke mlocke-elc2007-pm.ppt.pdf
SPE-assisted User Level Device Driver on Cell Processor Hiroyuki Machida .
System-wide Memory Profiling Matt Mackall memory-profiling.html
TomoyoLinux â€" Tutorial Kei Masumoto, Kentaro Takeda elc2007-tutorial-20070418.pdf
Porting and Evaluating the Linux Realtime Preemption on Embedded Platform Katsuya Matsubara preempt070418celfelc.pdf preempt070418celfelc.odp
Kernel Debugging with GDB Nicholas McGuire .
Kernel Validation Tools Nicholas McGuire .
GDB Tracepoints for GNU/Linux User and Kernel Space Nicholas McGuire .
Telepathy: Real-time Communications Framework Robert McQueen .
Comparison of Secure OSes and embedded SELinux activity in Japan Yuichi Nakamura To be uploaded in May 2007
Suspend-to-RAM implementation on freescale 74xx without PMU Fujihito Numano Suspend-to-RAMImplementationOnFreescale74xxWithoutPMU-070418.pdf
Mobile Convergence Computing Handset Supporting Ubiquitous Concept Tae Joon Park Mobile_Convergence_Communicator_ELC2007.pdf
OpenKODE – The Khronos Open Development Environment Ed Plowman .
CELF in the Mobile Phone Space Scott Preece CelfInMobilePhoneSpace.pdf
Mobile Phone BOF Scott Preece N/A
Experiment with Linux and ARM Thumb-2 ISA Philippe Robin Experiment_with_Linux_and_ARM_Thumb-2_ISA.pdf
File System Survey Gene Sally .
Small Root File Systems Gene Sally .
Gstreamer Tutorial Jan Schmidt .
HTTP-FUSE PS3 Linux which is internet boot framework with kboot Toshiki Yagi elc07_yagi.pdf
uClinux — State of the Nation Greg Ungerer uclinux-sotn.pdf
The OpenMAX Integration Layer standard Giulio Urlini .
The CEA 2014 Standard. A New XHTML-Based Browser and Setup Framework for Digital Home Devices Mark R. Walker .
An Annoucement from the GNOME Foundation Jeff Waugh See the writup at
Deferred Dynamic Loading — A Memory Reduction Technique Tetsuji Yamamoto DefferdDynamicLoading_20070417.pdf
Management of Software Suspend Image Haitao Zhang .

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